Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BREAKING: Muslim Gunmen Storm Pakistan University, "60-70 Students Shot in Head," 3,000 Trapped

Here is a current snapshot of the Indian ABP News live feed. The most recent report claims that all six terrorists are now dead and that a "combing" operation is now underway. The nature of the attack suggests that casualties may turn out to be high.  
New Delhi: Blasts and heavy gunfire were heard from inside Bacha Khan University in Pakistan’s Charsadda as terrorists broke into the premises early Wednesday morning. 
“Armed men stormed into the university premises early this morning,” Sardheri police officials told The Express Tribune, adding that two explosions were heard inside the building. 
According to reports, over 3,000 students and members of staff are trapped inside the university building.

  • Most of the students, staff were in classes when the firing began: university professor
  • Three to four explosions heard inside Bacha Khan University: TV reports
  • A large contingent of security forces and helicopters have reached the university premises
  • Around 50 students have been evacuated from Bacha Khan University, around 3000 trapped.
  • Parents are gathered outside University. Evacuation is underway: Official
  • Due to fog, security forces are unable to tell how many terrorists have entered the University: Official (ANI)
  • Army contingents enter university premises.
  • Sources say that attackers entered the university after scaling its walls: Dawn News
  • At least seven students reportedly killed by terrorists.
  • Terrorists have taken hostage some people inside University.
  • Prof Syed Hamid Husain, a PhD in Organic Chemistry has been killed in the ongoing attack on Bacha Khan University.
  • Terrorists open fired for 50 minutes inside university: Reports
  • At least 6 huge explosions reported from inside Bacha Khan University.

  • Army troops reached from Peshawar city, cordoned off area around.
  • According to a rescued student 60 to 70 students had been shot in the head by the attackers: Dawn News
  • Most of the students and staff were in classes when the firing began.
  • Security forces, including SSG special forces have entered the premises of the university: Dawn News
  • Two terrorists have been killed: Dawn News
  • Volunteer says he has seen the bodies of at least 15 persons : Dawn News
  • Most students rescued but gunmen believed to be on second, third floors of campus: police (Source Express Tribune)
  • Gunmen entered from back gate of university, started opening doors and firing indiscriminately: student.
  • Pakistan media reports that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (PTT) has claimed the responsibility of this terrorist attack.
  • Mass casualties feared in an attack reminiscent of the deadly December 2014 Peshawar attack
  • Gunmen are holed up behind a wall of the boy’s hostel: Pak media
  • Terrorists contained in two blocks within University
  • Lots of people have been killed inside, we need many more ambulances inside: Rescued people (source: ARY News)

  • Those who kill innocent students and civilians have no religion: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif
  • Sacrifices made by Pakistan will not go in vain: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif
  • 90% of the Bacha Khan University has been cleared: Rescue Team (Source: Pak Media)
  • Two more terrorists firing from inside the Block cordoned by Army troops, shot and killed: Pak Official
  • Live: 70 percent of the students have been rescued: Pak officials
  • Snipers killed 2 more terrorists on roof top, total Terrorist killed so far 4: Pak Official
  • All buildings and roof top taken over by Army: Pak Official
  • Situation inside is bad and we expect death toll to rise: PTI MPA Shaukat Yousufzai (Source: Express Tribune)
  • Clearance of university block by block continues by Army troops: Pak Official
  • Clearance operation underway, no firing being heard: Pak Official
  • Majority students residing in the boys hostel are dead: Student (Express Tribune)
  • All six terrorists dead, combing operation underway

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