Monday, June 13, 2016

Paris Jihadist Stabs Police Officer then Kills the Officer's Wife in Front of their 3-Year-Old Child

From RT news, a few minutes ago (via Pamela Geller):
A police raid in the Paris suburb commune of Magnanville has ended with the death of a hostage taker, who fatally stabbed a police officer near his house and then killed his wife. Reports claim the man was shouting Islamist slogans during the attack. 
RAID special forces raided the premises and shot the stabber dead, Francetv info has reported, citing a French Interior Ministry spokesman. The officers discovered the body of a woman in the house and rescued a 3-year old boy. 
The attacker shouted “Allah Akbar,” Le Parisien cited witnesses as saying. 
The female victim was “probably the partner of the commander, who herself was a police officer,” French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said. 
The decision to carry out the raid was made after negotiations failed, he confirmed. 
“Negotiations were opened, but it became clear that they would not succeed and police then entered the home, where they found the body of a woman,” Brandet said. 
The boy rescued in the course of the raid was “in shock but unharmed,” the spokesman said, as cited by AFP.
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UPDATE (8:00 CST): The Daily Mail is now reporting that the attacker "pledged allegiance to ISIS."

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