Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why I Remain a Patheos Blogger

No Latin-Mass for you!
  1. To leave would contravene the spirit of Vatican II.*
  2. If it weren't for my association with Patheos, I would be considered a monster.
  3. It's not up to me, but instead depends on the grace of Elizabeth Scalia.
  4. Because I believe the gates of Traditionalism shall not prevail against it.
  5. It really impresses the pagan barista chicks. Let me tell you, man.
  6. Because it is a place that manifests the truth that dark and light, innocence and guilt, justice and injustice all share a kinship, one that waves back and forth like wind-stirred wheat in a field, churning toward something — as yet — unknowable. I dig that.
  7. Because that would be giving the Islamophobes what they want.
  8. I like my multi-colored blog header rectangle too much.
  9. Cha-Ching, baby! Well, more accurately, Cha-Ching, baby! But still.
  10. Well, I wanted to go somewhere else but OnePeterFive rejected my application.

*Author's Note: I am, of course, not a Patheos blogger and the above is a silly parody.

1 comment:

  1. Yikes! I never saw the "Latin loving traditionalists" quote before. I refuse to link to Patheos and give them hits.
    Now, I will no longer refer to them by name.