Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kasich Disses Conservatism, Trump Disses the Audience, Bush Declares He's in the Abortion Sweet Spot, Cruz Apologizes to Carson Again, Carson Functions While on Valium, Rubio Channels Dan Quayle and the Fat Guy Attacks Rubio and Innocent Babies

You're no Blessed Karl

If you didn't see the GOP debate last night and have nothing better to do on the Sabbath, see the link to a full replay at the end of this post.

I think Ted Cruz came off the winner, mainly because he didn't annoy me as much as the others. But I'm probably biased (see upcoming post).

John Kasich declared that while he is a "conservative," conservatism needs to be modified to take account of the needs of the poor. In other words, contemporary conservatives are mean. He of course is better than they are.

Donald Trump blew his top again, this time at a booing audience. People may go for that. Or not.

Jeb Bush had some good moments--righteously attacking Trump for attempting to seize the property of an old lady to build a casino parking lot--but then crassly declared that his "moderate" pro-life stance was right in the political "sweet spot."

Cruz held the line and didn't even once (as I remember) mention the Bible or God.

Ben Carson looked, moved and talked like he was tranquilized. He even missed the cue to walk onto the stage, causing a funny and embarrassing pile up of suits.

Marco Rubio came off as a deer in the headlights--responding to the claim that he was robotically repeating the same soundbite by robotically repeating the same soundbite.

The Fat Guy laid into Rubio like a malevolent three-hundred pound stack of bricks. Rubio kind of deserved it. But then he claimed that woman had the "right of self-defense" against innocent babies conceived in rape. It's not their fault, you malevolent Fat Guy.

The crisis continues.


  1. Cruz was pretty much ignored apart from his feud with Trump and Cruz.

  2. I agree, Cruz was totally ignored.
    I was watching on the ABC streaming. At one point they went to a Cruz campaign headquarters and found the ONE GUY who didn't support Cruz.
    Seriously. The Bias was profound!

  3. If Rubio had his worst moment in the debates against Christie last night - and yeah, he really did - *his* answer on abortion was very arguably his best. It even felt sincere.

    1. I did not think Rubio's "moment" was the bad; I think he took the opportunity of the limited speaking time he had to repeat what some people still do not acknowledge, and that is the Obama & Co.
      had/have a deliberate plan to dismantle America piece by piece, and that if the like-minded people are elected , we are finished as a nation. Rubio repeated this 3 times in the face or ridicule but he ignored the ridicule and showed himself to be a team player..the point being that the Country must realize it's wrongdoings and change direction...even if Rubio himself is not elected as the leader. He could have used the time to defend himself, but did not.

  4. Correction:
    I did not think Rubio's "moment" was that bad;...