Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads...They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter."

From Paul Weston at Infowars:
"I had a patient die because our ambulance was stopped by the protesters" 
The father of a 4-year-old girl died after anti-Trump protesters blocked roads and delayed an ambulance from reaching the hospital, according to an anguished message posted on Facebook. 
“I have to unfacebook for a few days. I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads,” the anonymous post reads. 
“I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter,” the post concludes. 

The mention of “safety pins” is in reference to a campaign started by anti-Trump protesters to wear safety pins to “show support for the vulnerable” and to express the fear that Trump’s supporters “may physically or emotionally abuse minorities, immigrants, women and members of the L.G.B.T. community.” 
The report of anti-Trump protesters blocking an ambulance has not been verified, but it’s not unlikely given that anti-Trump demonstrators have blocked roads in numerous cities and states, including the I-94 in Minneapolis, the I-5 in Portland, numerous freeways in Los Angeles, a major highway in Phoenix, and the I-95 in Miami. 
During the DNC-sponsored violent shut down of Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago back in March, anti-Trump agitators were caught on camera blocking an ambulance outside the UIC Arena. 
In some instances, irate motorists are refusing to be stopped. One video shows an anti-Trump protester on the ground after being clipped by a car traveling at high speed.


  1. I wonder who is paying the protestors. This person should be sued by all who are harmed by this mindless Commie nonsense.

  2. I saw this coming a mile away. They did this shit with the Black Lives Matters. EVERYONE blocking the ambulance (and I'm certain the police were taking pictures) need to go up for murder.

  3. We've found no corresponding news reports of any such death occurring (in conjunction with anti-Trump protests or otherwise) in the United States since the 8 November 2016 election.

  4. If the protesters saw an ambulance why didnt they step aside just for that?after all the ambulance would have come to save them.

  5. Sounds like bs, at most they'd have been diverted 10 minutes and, regardless, I'm pretty sure even these idiots would get out of the way for an ambulance. At least if it's moving fast enough :-)

    1. I don't know if the story is true or not. But it could be.

      I humbly suggest you have not considered three things.
      1) The diversion could have required using a different bridge, over a much longer route. So it could have taken 45 extra minutes, not 10. Besides, 10 minutes could have been the difference in saving someone's life.
      2) The "protestors" do not care about what negative impact they cause others to suffer. In fact, some of them have made statements that they WANT to hurt others.
      3) The police should arrest them for criminal trespassing - this is not freedom of speech, it is criminal.

    2. If they didn't acquire a permit then it is illegal to march in the street.Not that sitting down in the middle of the street is a March in the first place.

  6. I think this story has not been verified. If it happened, I think it would appear in media beyond Facebook and fake news sites. The locale has been variously reported, for example, Austin, Texas. That's usually a sign of a bogus story. I think we can find plenty of legitimate occasions for outrage without inventing them.

  7. Thank you for commenting, here's a response and update: http://mahoundsparadise.blogspot.com/2016/11/did-patient-die-because-his-ambulance.html

  8. The lame stream media won't post anything about these crybabies, use your brain. Soros is most likely paying these protestors. Google Craigs List hiring protestors and see what they are being paid to tear up their country and waste hard earned tax dollars to pay law enforcement overtime,

  9. The police should have ripped the protesters off the street.