Monday, October 17, 2016

Sorry, Catholics, This Snotty Leftist Hacker May Be the Best Friend You Have Right Now

Wikileaks, under the leadership of Julian Assange, has been publishing embarrassing leaked emails from the Clinton campaign for a number of weeks.

(This post will contain no links. Things are changing so fast, there isn't a lot of point. Go to Drudge for the latest. It will be up for at least the next few months.)

There have been so many devastating Wikileaks reveals that they threaten to drown each other out.

For Catholics, the most interesting revelations have been that Clinton operatives viewed faithful Catholics as enemies and set up two Catholic front groups to control and influence not only the Catholic vote but the direction of the Catholic Church itself.

In a free country with a free media, these leaks would be the lead stories every day on the major networks and on the front pages of every newspaper.

No one has denied their accuracy.

Instead, there has been almost a total mainstream media blackout.

A small exception was a report on CNN, where it was announced that if anyone read Wikileaks material without it being filtered through CNN, he might be breaking the law. 

And the content of the leaks themselves have shown the media to be completely in the tank for the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign.

If we had an honest government, many of the leaks would have prompted FBI investigations. Instead, the US government is now cracking down on Wikileaks and Assange to retaliate against them for releasing information that put the Clinton campaign in a negative light.

Does that make sense?     

Assange has been in sanctuary in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London for the past four years. Technically, he's attempting to avoid extradition to Sweden (and then perhaps the United States) for accusations of sexual harassment that came up at precisely the most convenient (for his opponents) moment.

Does that sound familiar?

Take a good look at his face. He may not be long for this world.

In the last 24 hours his internet access (in the embassy) has been cut off, and they've acted against other alleged Wikileaks operators, attempting to block them as well.

The British government has also just acted against RT News. It is alleged (without any evidence that I know of) that Russia is the source for some of the Wikileaks material.

The US may have just launched, or be about to launch, a cyberwar with Russia to protect the Clinton presidential campaign.

Does that make sense?

So, fearing the worst, Wikileaks has apparently just activated its "dead man" switch, revealing a key to decrypt some of its most important data.

What does it all mean?

This isn't our country anymore.

And by "our", I'm not just referring to fellow faithful Catholics. Far from it. Faithful Catholics are just 1% (or whatever) of the current community of peasants. You better start making friends with some of the others.

The bad guys want to keep that boot grinding down.   

It's their country. Or they think it is. And they'll do anything to keep it that way.

Julian Assange is a snotty, leftist hacker.

But right now, he may be the best friend you have.

Tomorrow, he'll be you.


  1. It is disheartening and proof that we are up against powers and principalities. I implore the Virgin to come to our aid. Keep up your good work as a Catholic's clearinghouse of oftentimes obscure realities.

  2. If I didn't know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord Jesus Christ through Our Most Blessed Mother has our back, this would be totally terrifying. The sign Julian is holding says it all.....KEEP FIGHTING! True enough Sandpiper, we are most definitely up against the powers of hell. May the Virgin give us the perseverance and the grace we need. Pray the Rosary.

  3. Your final summary - spot on! Franciscus will not help.

  4. The Clinton campaign's belief that faithful Catholics are its enemies is actually pretty perceptive...As far as the FBI being prompted by Wikileaks to investigate, we saw the quality of their investigation into Hilary's e-mail disappearances...Why bother?

  5. At this point I suppose the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Or we do we take keep your friends close but your enemies closer approach? That certainly worked well for Alinsky and his acolytes, and it seems to still be the approach.

  6. Well, there are not all that many truly faithful Catholics to worry about however this remnant is small but powerful in prayer. Note also that David Delaiden who exposed the baby parts selling of the wicked planned parenthood has been the one sued and now in California there is a law against exposing the crimes of the baby killers! Those who do the right thing are the ones persecuted and prosecuted! Same in the Church right now with the most faithful of clergy and others being demoted, etc.

  7. And closer to home, we heard nothing about the realities we face from the pulpit today. Absolutely not a word about how to properly think about this election.

    1. Father spoke of the need to support life Sunday before last, next to an antiabortion banner at the front of the Church. That's here in California too; I just moved here at the end of last year but have been impressed by the devoutness I've encountered.