Monday, July 10, 2017

Teen Vogue Publishes Explicit How-To on a Perverted Sex Practice

Teen Vogue just published an explicit how-to article on anal sex.

Not Vogue. Teen Vogue.

If, a generation ago, Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority had predicted that, in the near future, a "Teen Vogue" would print such a thing, it would have been scoffed at as exaggerated propaganda or a paranoid right-wing fever dream.

I'm not going to provide any explicit excerpts from the article, nor, am I going to spend any words analyzing it, except to make one observation. As if the whole thing weren't gruesome enough, there's an additional thing that makes it especially creepy (if that's even possible): Though all different permutations of the particular sex act are discussed - involving both women and men - no gender pronouns or descriptions are used. Instead, there are simply people who happen to have or not have, or own or not own, this or that particular organ, gland or whatever - "Just because you have a Y does not mean [it] is off limits" or "You don’t need to have a Z to enjoy [it]." Two illustrations show the relevant parts of the male versus female anatomies. But they're not labeled "Male" vs. "Female," rather, "Anatomy of a Z Owner" vs. "Anatomy of a Non-Z Owner." Standard (potentially procreative) sex is labeled "X in the Y" sex, which, it goes without saying, not everyone has or wants to have.

The link after the article is titled: "Related: How to Masturbate If You Have an X."

I'm not one of those people who has qualms about giving bad internet pages free hits. If you want to read the article, here's the link. Maybe you should actually read it, or maybe you shouldn't. It's up to you.

What is Teen Vogue's audience?

Well, here's how the article itself puts it:
What about the teenagers? What about the LGBTQ young people who need to know about this for their sexual health?
I have got you covered.
[This is for] teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.
Honestly, I think the LGBTQ thing is mostly virtue signaling. Wikipedia states that "Teen Vogue is a US magazine which was launched in 2004 as a sister publication to Vogue, targeted at teenage girls." the rectangle on the right lists it in the category of "teen magazine." If you click that, you get:
[I]n the United States, adolescence is generally considered to be the period between the ages 11 and 19, and teen magazines usually cater to people within that range, [although] many readers comprise an even wider age range.
Here are the first two reviews that pop up for Teen Vogue at the parent review website, Common Sense Media:
Source: "Parent of a 12 year old." Date: July 16, 2009. Recommended Age: 10+. Stars: 4 (out of 5).
Source: "Parent." Date: July 24, 2012. Recommended Age: 12+. Stars: 5 (out of 5). Review: Great Magazine!!! This is a great magazine for fashion forward tweens! My daughter loves it and it is very appropriate for her age. (12) I've flipped through some issues and the outfits are both cute and appropriate! There is a fair amount of advertising but they are appropriate as well. My daughter loves reading them and it encourages her to create some of her own outfits!
Here are the Common Sense Media summary ratings, posted at the top:
Recommended Age (Common Sense Media): 13+. Average Stars: 3 (out of 5).
I should note, however, that one source puts the actual average age of Teen Vogue readers (not sure whether it's the mean or the median) at 23.8. And a number of parents on Common Sense Media seem to be hip to the fact that Teen Vogue, or, at least, recent or current Teen Vogue is not appropriate - way not appropriate - for teenage girls. Here's the fourth review down on Common Sense Media (note the more recent date):
Source: "Educator and Parent." Date: February 18, 2017. Recommended Age: 18+. Stars: 1 (out of 5). Review: Disgusting content. Articles about abortions, gay relationships, glorifying teen pregnancy, promiscuity and masturbation. encouraging teens to question their sexuality and gender identity. Totally innapropriate for teens. Has become also very political. Cancel your subscription!
So, perhaps, much of the readership of Teen Vogue is actually made up of post-teens with a preference or nostalgia for "teenage" fashion, or whatever. And maybe the magazine has changed its tone over the past eight years. Like many fashion magazines and teen magazines, it's been under financial pressure, and they want to appeal to older readers because that's where the money is. Also, it just got a new editor (who appears to be a sort of political activist), etc.

But still, it continues to be called Teen Vogue. Didn't Camel Cigarettes get heat for allegedly making its camels look cuddly and cute so as to lure children into smoking? What if some Camels were called Teen Camels?

This is all, of course, utterly horrific.

Yes, to paraphrase the sort of thing Jerry Falwell might have said, they're coming for your kids.

What about the teenagers?

A few years ago, as a non-Catholic libertarian, I might have been more blasé about the whole thing. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's the parents who have the right and the duty to protect their kids from this type of influence. If they don't, it's their fault, etc.

Well, yes and yes. But no and no.

The article justifies it's moral stand in favor of anal sex for teenage girls (as long as they're comfortable with it, and its consensual and they use protection, and so on and so forth), in part by by referencing the Ancient Greeks.

As a Teen Vogue reader might say: like that's so original.

The Ancient Hebrews don't count, I guess.

By the way, if your entire civilization is about to collapse into a decadent shell before igniting into a firestorm, just remember:

You don't have to buy the magazine.


  1. This is abominable. We must all spend more time in Adoration and implore our Lord to intervene.

  2. Look, I work with adolescents and high school students, most in Special Ed. This stuff is wildly confusing for these kids. I have had more students tell me "I am gender queer" or some permutation of that, in the last year, than in my previous 15 years. It is all but impossible for kids who have trouble with concrete information to filter out lies and misinformation. If a trusted person convinces them, it's a done deal. I have kids who I have met and the first words out of their mouth is "I support gay rights". I have a boy who "transitioned" into female. I have a very confused 12 year old girl who is relentless about discussing this transgender topic, and gets super upset if you won't talk about it, during class. Tragically, we lost a "transgender" child to suicide recently. We are allowing grownups to use this issue to have sexual access to children under the guise of LGBT "Clubs". Are these adults monitored? According to MassResistance, one of the few places who can give you ways to fight this onslaught, many of these adults are preying on these vulnerable children and young people, who, raised in a culture that worships celebrity, have finally found a reason that they are odd little ducks who don't always fit in. This is a crime. We are going to need to step up and try to defend these children. It is not right to leave them defenseless against what we know are likely to be sexual predators. Children are being indoctrinated into evil sexual practices. This is something that will affect all of us, because children who are molested by same-sex predators are much more likely to be confused and go on to be a predator themselves.
    God help our children, and help us be courageous enough to step up and defend all children and young people.

  3. "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding the profane novelties of words, and oppositions of knowledge falsely so-called" (I Tim. 6:20).

  4. we make sodom look like a TeaParty meeting.

  5. hmmm...after reading this, a thought came into my mind that I should venture into stores selling this mag and start ripping pages. I am pretty sure this is a nudge from my Guardian Angel. ?

  6. This is off topic but ABS just read your combox remarks at The Brick By Brick Bund concerning the Cardinal Mueller "rumors."

    Kudos, You nailed it.

    1. w.o.w.

      on that recommendation I went over and read it. rock.

    2. Would you kindly link? Googling hasn't led me to this.

    3. Got it now! Didn't follow it was a Z trail... LOL

      Spot on.


      13th comment

  7. I'm off topic too. Your comment was very good. I stepped way back from Fr. Z years ago but I check in every now and then and I am always disappointed.

    1. Dymphna, Fr. Z is the Catholic equivalent of Officer Barbrady from "South Park."

      "Move along, folks, there's nothing to see here..."

  8. I think Billy Graham's wife said it best:

    “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

  9. "Teen Vogue" is probably the second most popular magazine among Jesuits, right after "America," and likely making a serious run for Number One.