Monday, September 25, 2017

Vatican Blocks

Good morning, Vatican City citizens!

There will be 15 minutes of calisthenics followed by a 5-hour lecture on the social gospel of our Dear Leader. Viewing is mandatory.

Be vigilant against Goldstein's gang of traditionalist roaders. There are reports that there have been landings of Neo-Pelagians in Sicily, abetted by the Mafia and Americanist cyber-trolls. Our patriotic forces are already engaging them with extreme discernment.

It's all double-plus-good, comrades.

-The Secretariat for Communications    

The Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See has blocked access to the web page from which it adheres to the initiative accusing the Pope of seven heresies, linked to what he writes in "Amoris laetitia". You can no longer access the page in the Vatican computers in any language. Outside the Vatican, however, the page is reachable. 
"Access to the webpage you are trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with institutional security policies." No Vatican computer, therefore, could join the petition of, accusing pope Bergoglio of heresy, modernism and too much enthusiasm for Martin Luther.


  1. Amazing! But after a moments thought, not surprising.

  2. MO of a low-rent, banana republic, tin-pot dictator. bergoglio wears the pot well.

  3. SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

    There is a mistake in Vatican Council II : two popes need to be shown that in principle hypothetical cases are not exceptions to EENS

    SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

    Two popes need to correct the objective error in salvation theology which cannot be the teaching of the Holy Spirit and so is not magisterial

  4. Naturally, I signed up for
    Also, am tuning out of all the Bergoglio and Vatican II nonsense and tuning into Dr. Jordan Peterson's Bible series. This is so much more beneficial than wringing hands over current catastrophic state of the Catholic Church. One must seek solace where one can.

  5. Their incompetence is greater than their nefariousness. By blocking it, they deny themselves the means by which they can tell who is reading it...

  6. This is corporatist culture at its "finest." Blind group identity matters more than truth (let alone Truth). These brave people challenging the idiot Francis are, sadly, a minority. They run against the tide of apathy, ennui and obsequious deference that typifies Catholic response to corrupt authority. That's what allowed the clerical sex-abuse crisis to metastasize the way it did.

    1. Exactly right Joseph! "They run against the tide of apathy, ennui and obsequious deference that typifies Catholic response to corrupt authority."

  7. Kim Jong Jorge.

    Seriously-----don't know if I would ever trust a "pope" selected by the current cardinals.

    Seattle kim

  8. Someone thought this was a good idea.