Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Allah Akbar de merde!" Fearless Woman Taunts Liege Terrorist From Window

From a fourth or fifth story window, a woman captures 50 seconds of video of the Liege terrorist calmly walking down the street, brandishing two stolen handguns. At the same time, she shouts a series of taunts at the man, who presumably could have shot towards the window at any time. Oddly, he doesn't seem to hear her or care.

The attacker, a Muslim convert, killed two police officers and one 22-year old civilian, yesterday, in the Belgian city of Liege. A number of other police were injured before the man was shot dead.

This video was put up on Twitter by Loopsider, and it was then picked up by the French patriotic website Fdesouche. It appears that Loopsider has not yet made it available on YouTube.

For now, you can watch the video at Fdesouche here:

EDIT (5:30 PM CST, 5/30/18): For whatever reason, the video now only seems available on the Loopsider Twitter account, though other video clips and photographs of the attack appear to contain some of its footage. Click either of the Loopsider links to go directly to the video.    

The attacker walks back and forth along a crosswalk.

Woman: Abattez-le! Abattez-le! Shoot him! Shoot him! 

Holding a gun in each hand, the attacker turns and begins walking down the sidewalk, directly under the woman taunting him from the window.

Woman: Tu as de la chance: je ne suis pas armee! Tu aurais déjà un pied dans la tombe, connard! You're lucky I'm unarmed! You already have one foot in the grave, you bastard!

The attacker raises his gun and starts walking across street.

Unidentified Man: Attention! Watch out!

The attacker shoots at something across the street. The camera wobbles and the woman presumably ducks.

Attacker: Allah Akbar!

Woman: Allah Akbar de merde, va! Fuck your Allah Akbar,* get out!

The attacker walks back under the window and then continues down the street.

Woman: Fous-moi le camp, connard! Get out you bastard! Allez, foutez le camp! Come on, get the hell out! Foutez le camp! Get out!

*Yes, according to two French speakers, this is the most accurate translation.


  1. Good reporting Oakes. I have not seen this story anywhere else.

  2. I haven't seen it yet either. But your "here" link gets me a 404 Error.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Fdesouche seems to have taken it down from their website and Twitter account, but you can still access the video from the original Loopsider Twitter account. Not sure what any of that means, if anything.

    2. It means Big Brother EU or Big Brother Google is watching and deleting.

  3. I would have thrown something heavy at the koranimal, better yet pick him off with a rifle.
    belch-gium, just like the uk france germany & especially swedestan, is reaping what it has sown with its enabling ignorance, delusion, and blatant pc dereliction of duty to safeguard its citizens against the invading (and in this case psycho traitor) hate ideology sociopaths. The satanic verses were just what this violent ex-con needed to bring out his inner mass murderer.

  4. Men are our typical heroes, I must say it, when heroic things need to be done, it is usually a man who does it. I notice often, the child caught in a man's arms after the baby falls out a window, or a woman rescued from the vehicle swept away by flood, these are the things men do that we must appreciate. God bless our heroes, and they are everywhere, these wonderful men. They have not had the courage and chivalry beat out of them yet by the culture.
    But sometimes, a woman is the hero, like this one. As a woman, this woman's action makes me incredibly proud. She confronted evil fearlessly. wow.