Monday, August 27, 2018

Clock Ticking? Cardinal Cupich Tweets about Peace - 11 out of 12 Replies Say "Resign!"

All Chicago's Cardinal Cupich did in a Tweet of August 24 was quote John Paul II on peace and mention a "Sunrise Mass". Why would anyone have a problem with that?

Maybe no one did. But 11 out of 12 people who replied had a problem with Cupich himself.*

The very first reply in the queue summarizes things quite nicely:


Most of the replies came after the  explosive Viganò statement released Saturday afternoon in which Cupich was named as a beneficiary of Francis' attempts to ignore and cover up the sex-abuse allegations against Cardinal McCarrick. But at least two were issued before.

In truth, for some time, I have noticed Cupich getting progressively more and more savaged on Twitter. It's sort of embarrassing. The only time he doesn't get beaten up is when he tweets in Spanish.

I almost feel sorry for him.

I said "almost".

And, as far as I can tell, he or the person or persons on his media team assigned to Twitter, never directly respond to the torrent of negativity, nor do they ever block people.

Then again, he/they are not great ones for tweet interaction, using the "Like" button only 66 times in four years. Two of the "Likes" were for his own tweets.

I suspect that the Viganò statement will only make things worse, driving the critical quotient in Cupich's tweet replies to near unanimity.

Does this mean that 92% of Chicago Catholics think Cupich should resign? Well, it depends on what you mean by "Catholic". In terms of merely baptized Catholics, Mass going or not, I suspect 92% of them don't know who Cardinal McCarrick even is let alone have heard of the Viganò statement.

But in terms of faithful Catholics, especially faithful Catholics who follow Catholic news, Cupich is almost universally despised.

92% is too low.

The 11:1 negative tweet ratio doesn't prove it, but I think it tracks it.

As the exposure of clerical vice and corruption blast wave expands outward, is the clock now ticking on Cupich? I think so. Whether or not he is an official "practicing" member of the Lavender Mafia, he has clearly been allied with it and benefitted from it. Indeed, Viganò's statement implies that he owes everything to it.

Cupich's rapid response to the statement in which he mainly threw non-sequiturs at Viganò while pointedly not defending Francis seemed to me a little desperate. 

Just recently it appeared that Cupich was all-powerful: he might ruin innocent priests at will and threaten traditionalist orders and parishes with destruction. Just because he could.

I think things have changed.         

*I said "11 out of 12" and not "12 out of 13" because I suspect that one of the replies - "Stfu you pedophile priest!" - was not so much anti-Cupich as it was anti-Catholic. Just a feeling I have.  


  1. we Catholics in Chicago must pressure him to also reinstate Father Phillips to St John Cantius as Father Phillips do NOTHING wrong he has been EXONERATED OF ALL WRONG DOING BY THE TRIBUNAL

    1. Cupich is well known for his oppression and persecution of real Catholics. Yes indeed, he needs to RESIGN. I'm all in for putting as much pressure as possible on him being in Chicago myself. He needs to GET. OUT.... like cannot be soon enough!!

  2. Did you see Archbishop Vigano's comment about him in his letter? Epic!

    "Regarding Cupich, one cannot fail to note his ostentatious arrogance, and the insolence with which he denies the evidence that is now obvious to all: that 80% of the abuses found were committed against young adults by homosexuals who were in a relationship of authority over their victims."

    "Ostentatious arrogance and insolence"...he could have put a period right there. Fits the strutting peacock to a T.

  3. The poll numbers prolly reflect reality - the reality that for quite some time we have a Catholic Church (comprised of Trads and localised in Trad Chapels) and a Shadow Church (one lacking substance) that is controlled of a Hierarchy that is clearly anthropocentric and whose authorities have a questionable Faith.

    There is an open schism.

    1. Indeed we are in schism. I'm growing a tad impatient with the likes of Cdl. Burke who is so TERRIFIED of creating a schism.....Cardinal Burke.....WE. ALREADY. ARE. IN. SCHISM!!

  4. I didn't know there is such a dearth of Churches in Chicago that Mass needs to occur at a beach.

    Can. 932 §1. The eucharistic celebration is to be carried out in a sacred place unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise; in such a case the celebration must be done in a decent place.

    That he encourages this breaking of Canon Law is just one more indicator of his character.

  5. He should have resigned long before the current crises exploded. On every stop of his episcopal career, ++Cupich has proven himself to be a poor shepherd, and, frankly, theologically unsound. Prior to Vatican II he would probably not made it higher than a sacristan in a remote parish, but, due to the fact that he is a useful stooge and "yes" man for his overlords- viola!

  6. I hope that Pope Francis's Reign of Terror pontificate ends soon.

  7. 92% of traditional Catholics in Chicago may want him to resign but that 92% makes up only 1% of the catholics in Chicago! He ain't goin' anywhere but where he is. Now, when he leaves his diocese, that is when Catholics need to get on his ars and let him have it. So bad that he stays home and has his "beach masses" with his homies.