Thursday, December 19, 2019

USCCB: Psst, we're Masons...but don't tell Michael or Steve.

Two days ago, the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) tweeted this:

See the header picture for the full image.

Did the USCCB actually just tweet out a Masonic symbol?

Judging from the replies, many Catholics had no doubt: 

On his non veni pacem blog Mark Docherty published some actual Masonic images to dramatize the similarities. Take a look again at the image above. Now look at these:  

I said "many" Twitter Catholics had no doubt what was going on. But, in fact, among those who replied to the USCCB's tweet, it wasn't many but all. There are currently 73 Replies to the tweet. Every one of them, in expressions ranging from anger to humor to incredulity, agreed that the symbol is Masonic.

Every. Single. One.

As far as I can see, no one is defending the USCCB on this, at least in that Twitter stream. The closest a few have come is to say something like, okay we know you're not really Masons but why are you being so stupid as to make people think that you are?

Or, rather, one account did defend the tweet - their own:

See, even though every single person who commented though it was a Masonic symbol, it's actually just a benign representation of the trinity and God's omnipresence.

It's also an oil lamp:

Sorry for the confusion.

Are the members of the USCCB Freemasons? Let's stipulate that they're not. Rather, let's assume that they are exactly what they appear to be - a group of vaguely apostate aging homosexuals who when they're not reminiscing about their faster romantic lives back in the day do a bit of caring about immigrants and the poor.

They wouldn't know a Mason from a Mason jar.

But then why are they trying to look like Masons? Why would any non-Mason want to do that?

Or if they really are Masons, Isn't part of the point that one tries to hide it? It's a conspiracy, after all.

It's as if they want people to know.

Maybe the stars are right.

But here's one final detail:

73 out of 73 tweet replies were negative. The USCCB left its tweet up and left the replies up. Except, sort of, for one. They actually hid one of them.

When I saw this, I wondered. What tweet could be so bad that they would want to hide it? I assumed it was filled with profanity or it called them poofters or whatever.


They want you to know but they don't.

They want you to know but on their terms. The don't want the story getting into the, as it were, wrong hands.

They want to control the narrative.

So this is how the fiendishly clever social media people at the USCCB attempted to control the narrative.

And that's why they're paid the big bucks. 

Here is what they hid:

Psst, we're Masons. But don't tell Michael or Steve.


  1. Saying the Lavender Mafia in control of the USCCB hierarchy is primarily aging sodomite Freemasons is like saying the sky is brighter than the night.

  2. The USCCB are following orders from their chief handler. They know exactly what they are doing. It's all part of the Masonic Vatican II rollout of heresy wrapped in its denial. We should all be happy for the outward clarification as if the emergence of anti-pope Bergoglio was not enough. Unfortunately, for most this will not be enough proving that the strategy is working. The devil is indeed very clever.

  3. My vote: some really, really, stupid staffer found the image and cc/pasted into the post.

    24-y.o. "college grad" with zero knowledge but a ton of "enthusiasm."

  4. If a top official in the ICEL publicly stated he was not going to go along with a pachamama liturgy, you know that is what is in the works. The Apparitions of Our lady of the Pine are not approved, but in them she says not only that Benedict's successor will be an imposter, but that he will change the very nature of the Mass. In this context, the USCCB probably said nothing matters any more, let's go with it.

  5. It is an ancient symbol that predates Masonry. But it has been co-opted by Masonry. Just as a Native America symbol was co-opted by the Nazi and the Swastika is forever linked to Nazism, so too the Hidden Eye is now a Masonic symbol. Would the USCCB dare to use the Swastika in a Catholic context without explanation? Would we accept it as an innocent mistake?

  6. I'm confused...

    1717 is when you say Freemasonry started..

    yet in 1608 Roman Catholic painter CAVAROZZI, Bartolomeo painted the ALL SEEING EYE above St Ursula and Her Companions with Pope Ciriacus and St Catherine of Alexandria

    Not to mention all those monstrances created in the middle ages with the ALL SEEING EYE.

    What gives?

    Am I not to look upon an image containing a triangle with an eye in the middle?

    Please...I need to get rid of all my one dollar bills...please email me with your passwords and I will mail you all my ones....

  7. Yes, it's true, masons can't claim all the triangles everywhere for all time, it is an ancient symbol for the Trinity. Just like the 5 pointed star was at one time a symbol for the 5 wounds, before witches took it, and the upside down cross once symbolized St. Peter, but satanists claimed that.

  8. The Masons co-opted a Christian symbol of the Trinity—Eye of Providence. Bergoglio is a Mason, not surprisingly. Demons in an exorcism called Masons his ‘children on earth.’