Thursday, September 29, 2016

Libertarian Follies: Bill Weld Names Angela Merkel His Favorite Foreign Leader; Gary Johnson has a HIGH TIMES Flashback

Chris Matthews, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

The 2016 Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is a joke.

The Party has been hijacked by two B-list political self promoters - one, a quasi-socialist pothead with a permanently fried memory; the other, an Obama-supporting professional dilettante.

And neither is any more libertarian than, say, Mark Ruffalo.

Yesterday, during a televised town meeting, they were both interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Matthews. Johnson had another self-proclaimed "Aleppo moment" when he couldn't name a foreign leader that he most admired. (It was pretty clear that he couldn't name a single foreign leader, period.) Finally, he blurted out, "the former president of Mexico," but when Mathews asked him "which one?" he merely replied with a pathetic hang-dog look.

Weld tried to help him by saying "Fox" (for Vincente Fox, Mexican president from 2001 to 2006) and Johnson enthusiastically nodded his head.

"Yeah, Vincente Fox. He was terrific."

Then right at the end of the clip, Weld offered his own choice - "Meaurkle," he said, pronouncing the German Prime Minister's name with a dilettantish accent.

As if mass sexual assault were particularly libertarian. Though, perhaps for Johnson and Weld, it's right up there with gun control and forcing Christians to bake cakes.

But I couldn't figure out Johnson's choice of Vincente Fox. As the center-right President of Mexico for six years, Fox didn't do a lot more than make gaffes and preserve the corruption and gang killing status quo. Could Johnson have named Fox because of his recent tiff with Donald Trump? Or perhaps Johnson simply remembered him from his time as governor of a border state.

Then I came across this on Wikipedia:
Vicente Fox gave a video interview in July 2013 to High Times, in which he discussed the failure of drug prohibition, and cited Portugal's decriminalization policies as "working splendid(ly)". He said he supports drug legalization despite not being a user himself...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

"We shouldn't grow fixated on some religious or moral obligation" - Thanks for the tip, Chauncy!

No, I don't think Bergoglio is the antichrist (for various reasons). But he does seem to sound like him in his homilies.

Today's homily was a beaut.

Note the mix of truths, half-truths, meaningless mush and satanic lies.

He's Michael York, about to build the Third Temple. He's Jude Law slouching in the papal apartments. He's Martin Sheen holding up a baby to block a bullet.

Too bad, for the sake of drama, that he looks like Chance the gardener.
It is by loving that the God-who-is-Love is proclaimed to the world: not by the power of convincing, never by imposing the truth, no less by growing fixated on some religious or moral obligation...
He's a moral-relativist.

You know, like that guy at Starbucks.

It's not that big a deal.

Oh, right. He's the Pope. I forgot.

From Catholic News Agency:
Vatican City, Sep 25, 2016 / 07:33 am (CNA/EWTN News) by Hannah Brockhaus.- God is shared with the world through love and authentic relationships, not by forcing the truth on people, Pope Francis said Sunday. 
“God is proclaimed through the encounter between persons, with care for their history and their journey. Because the Lord is not an idea, but a living person,” the Pope said in his homily at the Mass for the Jubilee of Catechists Sept. 25. 
“His message is passed on through simple and authentic testimony, by listening and welcoming, with joy which radiates outward.” 
Referencing St. Paul's first letter to Timothy, Pope Francis called the Resurrection the “beating heart which gives life to everything.” 
“The Lord Jesus is risen, the Lord Jesus loves you, and he has given his life for you; risen and alive, he is close to you and waits for you every day. We must never forget this.” 
Nothing is more important than the fact that the Lord is risen, the centerpiece of our faith, he explained. But we cannot keep it to ourselves. 
“We are called always to live out and proclaim the newness of the Lord’s love: 'Jesus truly loves you, just as you are. Give him space: in spite of the disappointments and wounds in your life, give him the chance to love you. He will not disappoint you,'” Francis said. 
“It is by loving that the God-who-is-Love is proclaimed to the world: not by the power of convincing, never by imposing the truth, no less by growing fixated on some religious or moral obligation,” he continued. 
In the day's Gospel, a rich man doesn't notice the poor Lazarus outside the door to his house, his spiritual blindness and worldliness are like a black hole that “swallows up what is good, which extinguishes love, because it consumes everything in its very self.” 
“Today’s callousness causes chasms to be dug that can never be crossed,” Francis said. “And we have fallen, at this time, into the sickness of indifference, selfishness and worldliness.” 
The Lord asks us, today, to meet and help all of the Lazaruses we encounter. We cannot delegate to others, “saying: 'I will help you tomorrow; I have no time today, I’ll help you tomorrow.' This is a sin,” he said.
Read the rest here.

For Drawing This Cartoon, Prominent Jordanian Satirist was Arrested, Then Someone Walked Up and Shot Him in the Head

Translation (from The Clarion Project):
In Green: In paradise… 
Allah: “May your evening be joyous, Abu Saleh, do you need anything?” 
Jihadist: “Yes Lord, bring me the glass of wine from other there and tell Jibril [the Angel Gabriel] to bring me some cashews. After that send me an eternal servant to clean the floor and take the empty plates with you.” 
Jihadist continues: “Don’t forget to put a door on the tent so that you knock before you enter next time, your gloriousness.”
Nahed Hattar was a well-known and successful agnostic of Christian origin. Jordan is one of the few majority Muslim countries where that's okay. Or at least sort of okay, as long as you don't push things too far. Apparently, he did.

The cartoon was posted on Hattar's anti-ISIS Facebook page, and then later taken down. The idea is that Jihadists see themselves as above Allah and would try to order even him around in heaven.

But many Muslims saw the cartoon as blasphemous in and of itself - his Allah, parting the curtains of a heavenly harem, looks a bit like that famous Monty Python version parting the clouds. And how dare anyone joke about Allah being ordered around - even if the point of the joke was to make fun not of Allah, but of those committing murder in his name.

After the government authorities announced an "investigation" into his cartoon and then charged him with "instigating strife," Hattar turned himself in.

A few weeks later he was assassinated in broad daylight in front of the Jordanian Supreme Court.

Security forces arrested the gunman, who was apparently an imam.

This is Nahed Hattar before he "blasphemed" Allah.

This is Nahed Hattar after he "blasphemed" Allah.

And here's a charming video of people frantically trying to revive Hattar as his blood drenches everything - on the steps of the Palace of Justice in one of Islam's most "moderate" countries.

Yes, It Now Appears that the Cascade Mall Shooting was a Jihad Terror Attack

Everything initially reported or assumed about the incident was wrong.
  1. The shooter, Arcan Cetin, was Turkish, not Hispanic.
  2. As far as I can tell, there's no evidence that Cetin intended to murder his ex-girlfriend. The woman in question hadn't worked at that Macys in months and was not present in the mall during the shooting. Cetin entered the mall and scouted the scene. He then came back with a rifle and shot five strangers. One witness (more than one?) claims he shouted a woman's name. If accurate, this could have been his ex-girlfriend's or his mother's or "Allahu Akbar."
  3. More and more evidence is turning up of Cetin citing or praising ISIS or Jihad on social media. (We published one example yesterday, but there are additional examples.)
Was he violent and mentally unstable? Yes, there is also evidence for that. But humans being what they are, this will often be the case for terrorists and fanatics (and that's why the "mentally ill" explanation has become so tiresome).

The European pattern of attacks occurring on a weekly basis now seems to be happening here. This is frankly surprising to me as there are far fewer Muslims - both in terms of absolute numbers and in proportion to the population - in the United States than in Western Europe.

As in Europe, it now seems that many have accepted it as a sort of New Normal. And as in Europe, one might be forgiven for seeing the media and government authorities as just as concerned with "control of the narrative" - the withholding of information, censoring and damage control - as with informing or protecting people.

Or maybe it will all calm down. We'll see.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

BREAKING: Cascade Mall Shooter Praised ISIS Leader on his Tumblr Page

"My main dude Abu bakr al big daddy."

Arcan Cetin's Tumblr handle is "Meowfraulein."

His Facebook page appears to have been taken down. But his Twitter account is still up.

Why would some screwed-up Americanized Turkish kid, whose mother celebrates Christmas, praise the leader of ISIS on Tumblr?

Islam is cancer.

GOT HIM! Shooter Described as "Hispanic" is Arcan Cetin from Adana, Turkey

The name has been circulating on social media for the last few hours, at first seemingly based on the fact that his Facebook and Twitter pictures looked like the photographs of the shooter on the Cascade Mall security cameras. But multiple reliable sources have now confirmed that Arcan Cetin, 20, originally from Adana Turkey is the suspect now in custody.

Cetin was arrested without incident in Oak Harbor, Washington earlier this evening.

EDIT (10:00 AM CST 9/23/16): I removed Cetin's Tweet referring to his alleged ex-girlfriend, as well as the picture of them together. It appears that she had been previously employed at the Macy's, but she wasn't present in the mall during the shooting, and I have yet to see any evidence confirming the initial rumor that his motive for the murders involved her. As far as I can tell, the incident now appears to have been an attack against random strangers.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Refugees with Benefits: Female Aid Workers are Getting to Know Muhammad in Calais

Calais when it sizzles

The article below makes it clear that sex between aid workers and residents of the Calais refugee camp comes in many permutations - male aid workers with female refugees, male aid workers with prostitutes in the camp, relations between aid workers (females? males?) and underage refugee boys and so on. But apparently the most active category is female aid workers having sex with male refugees.

It's Sex in the City, but without the $300 dinner tabs.

And who are we to judge activist Emily for wanting an exotic break from pajama boy Trevor back home?

But the symbolism of "aid workers" inviting Muhammad into their tent is hard to miss.

Didn't someone once say everything is about sex? Perhaps they weren't totally wrong. What else better explains the otherwise inexplicable "pro-migrant" policy of some Europeans?

A policy that arguably might be reduced to the two-word invitation of that famous Kurt Cobain song.

From today's Daily Mail (originally cited by The Muslim Issue): 
Calais aid workers are regularly having SEX with migrants from the Jungle camp - with FEMALE charity helpers the most likely to sleep with a refugee 
  • Calais volunteers have been accused of having sex with camp migrants 
  • Whistleblowers claim some are having several sexual partners in one day
  • It is alleged some volunteers are suing the camp as 'a free for all festival' 
  • Some aid workers said the allegations should have been kept private
Calais aid workers volunteering in the Jungle have been accused of having sex with migrants, some of whom are believed to be underage, according to a whistle blower. 
The revelations have caused a furious row on Facebook, with some volunteers claiming the allegations should have remained secret and criticised the whistle blower for expressing his concerns. 
According to the whistle blower, some volunteers avail of the service of the Jungle camp prostitutes, while others have multiple partners in one day. 
 Other aid workers have complained that unscrupulous volunteers are treating the camp like a 'free for all festival' and 'find it difficult to keep it in their pants'. 
The original allegations were aired on a Facebook thread concerning the People to People Solidarity group, which has since been deleted. 
It was claimed that female volunteers were more likely to have sex with male migrants than any other combination. 
One volunteer was described as having 'a bad reputation' for sleeping with male refugees and was asked to leave the camp. 
One male volunteer had to be 'persuaded by other male volunteers' against returning due to his 'inappropriate behaviour with female refugees'.
According to the original post, the whistle blower claimed: 'I have heard of boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers. 
'I have heard stories of men using the prostitutes in the Jungle too. I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day, only to carry on in the same vein the following day. 
'And I also know, that I'm only hearing a small part of a wider scale of abuse.' 
Several volunteers severely criticised the whistleblower for discussing the abuse allegations in an open forum. 
However, one volunteer defended him claiming: 'It always really worries me that we're more concerned with the press/our reputation than we are with the sexual abuse itself.'

According to the Independent, some volunteers believe sexual relationships between aid workers and refugees is 'natural' while others believe it breaks the 'usual codes of conduct'. 
The UNHCR said it has a 'zero tolerance' policy concerning the sexual exploitation of refugees in such camps. 
However, some of the volunteer groups in the camp do not have clearly defined 'codes of conduct', while others complain about so-called 'independent volunteers' who are not attached to any particular group. 
Clare Mosely, founder of Care4Calais told the Independent: 'At the end of the day it isn't recognised as an official refugee camp, it's an illegal settlement. So we’ve got no way of forcing anyone to leave. That is the difficulty.'

Read the rest at the Daily Mail here, and commentary at The Muslim Issue here.