Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bad News: Hamas Announces Alliance With Wookiee Planet C

Two recent Muslim converts 

The pact was celebrated at a military parade in Gaza, where leased Wookiee materiel--including giant wooden guns--was also exhibited to cheering crowds.

At a follow-up rally, an exchange officer from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard proclaimed that nothing could stop his country from building a Death Star.

In other news, critics of this blog accused the author of once again attacking straw men.

1. From Elder of Ziyon by way of Noah Browning's Twitter feed. These fighters on parade in Gaza are wearing Ghillie suits--currently popular among Hamas snipers.
2. From The Times of Israel (includes video and transcript). A Hamas fighter wearing a different kind of Ghillie suit at another Gaza rally, recounts (without taking off the suit) his experiences in the war against the Zionists.   

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