Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mark Levin: Obama is the Greatest Threat to Israeli Jews Since the 1930's.

"I want ten cartons of Noblesse Virginias delivered by midnight tonight or I declassify the nuke information."

From The Mark Levin Show, for Wednesday, March 26 (and as posted on Bare Naked Islam, a few hours ago):

(The video screenshot is misleading. It's not a convention speech--just part of the monologue from the show.)

Here's the transcript:
I've got something on the tip of my tongue that I believe to be absolutely accurate and I'm really wondering whether to say it or not. 
I'm going to say it. 
Barack Obama as a result of this [declassifying information about Israel's nuclear program] and the other things he's doing, including arming up the Islamo-Nazis in Tehran, is the greatest threat the Jews face, not in this country, but in Israel, since the 1930's. 
Do you agree with me, Mr. Producer? 
He's the greatest threat they face since the 1930's. And I say that because he is doing more now to degrade Israel's military and defense posture, it's intelligence information... He's doing more now to arm Israel's enemy than anybody. 
The Germans are resisting what he's doing. The French are resisting what he's doing. The Israeli's are resisting what's he's doing. The Arab countries are resisting what he's doing. 
He is the greatest threat that that nation faces. And by the way, he's a great threat to our nation to, as far as I'm concerned. But I'll leave that for another day, and every day. 
Let me continue. Oh, this will be the headline, what I just said. I don't care. I don't say it for it to be a headline. I say it to communicate with you, my beloved audience, the truth, certainly as I see it. 
But I think it's true. Because a nuked up Iran, in my view, will attack Israel. And in fact if they can get them on their ICBM's their going to attack our West Coast.

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  1. Hate to say it but he's right. What he did was pure betrayal.