Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not A Parody: "They Are Going to Eat Him!" Nuns Stun Pope

The post is not a snarky anti-Francis thing. Though, I will say, this is the most human and natural expression I have ever seen from the man. It could have happened to anyone...

From The Telegraph:
'They are going to eat him!': nuns stun Pope
Pope Francis is mobbed in Naples by a superfluity of overexcited nuns
By Andrea Vogt, Bologna
12:06PM GMT 22 Mar 2015 
Pope Francis was mobbed by a group of overexcited nuns, let out from their convents during his visit to Naples. 
The nuns had to be reined in by the Archibishop of Naples after swarming the pontiff, to his evident bemusement, and showering him with gifts and greetings. 
Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe could be heard through the microphone urging restraint and making lighthearted commentary in a Neapolitan accent. 
“Sisters . . . Later. . . . well would you look at that. And these are the cloistered ones. Just imagine the non-cloistered ones,” he said, provoking laughter among the crowd gathered in the cathedral. 
“They are going to eat him! Sisters . . sisters! 
Cloistered nuns observe rules of "papal enclosure" and rarely leave their nunneries, receiving visitors through a grill. 
The pope was holding an event in Naples cathedral to meet priests, religious leaders and seminarians in the Naples cathedral on his one-day visit to the city. 
He also toured some of Naples' poorest, most crime-infested quarters, the heartlands of the city's mafia. 
Hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets to welcome him, but few got as close as a group of nuns who had been given special permission to leave seven different closed convents in Naples to attend the Pope’s cathedral visit. 
After their presence was announced, the starstruck sisters broke into applause and waved excitedly from the basilica's side wing, then a half dozen of them scurried up close, surrounding the pontiff in their long black religious habits. One carried a large wrapped present. 
Pope Francis smiled as staff and security personnel tried to restrain the nuns. 
Their exuberance, however, set the tone for Pope Francis’s off-the-cuff remarks on priestly life, in which he urged religious leaders to live their convocation with joy and enthusiasm. 
At the end of the visit, Pope Francis held and kissed the vial containing the dried blood of Naples patron saint Januarius, which Cardinal Sepe then declared had partly liquified. Pope Francis joked that since the blood had only partly liquefied, they must all do more to win the saint’s full affection and spread the Gospel.
Sorry about the drinking-the-only-partially-liquified-blood-from-Saint-Januarius gig, my non-Catholic friends. It's a Catholic thing. 

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