Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Draw Muhammad UK Cancelled After Brits Act Like Frenchmen

A Churchill surrounded by surrender monkeys

Here is what the British police should have said:
If you put this show on, it will probably be attacked by terrorists. This will be dangerous for you personally, and we cannot absolutely guarantee your safety. However, if you choose to put it on, we will do everything in our power to protect you and the other attendees. As servants of the Crown, that is our job.
Here is what the Cameron Government should have said:
Our country is famed for its commitment to the principle of free speech. What you are doing involves risk for you and others. But know that we support your right to freedom of speech 100%. We will do all that we can to protect you by supporting the police and in other ways. Tell us what you need.
And I don't mean the government should have said this privately. I mean the Prime Minister should have gone on national television and reassured every British citizen that their rights were not subject to cancellation by terrorist threats.

Churchill would have.

Instead the police and the Cameron government said:
Don't draw Muhammad. 
Britain, at least as we used to know her, is comatose. Will she revive--perhaps due to the heroism of those such as Anne Marie Waters? With the pro-Sharia populations of most British cities increasing at a growing rate, the clock is ticking. And time isn't on Britain's side.

From Oliver Lane at Breitbart, August 18, 2015:
Sharia Watch director and former UKIP candidate Anne Marie Waters has announced today that a forthcoming exhibition of Mohammed cartoons to be shown in London has been cancelled after discussions with counter-terror police. 
Writing for Breitbart London, Waters revealed the security services believed the event would be attacked, leading to a “very real possibility that people could be hurt or killed – before, during, and after the event”. The organisers of the event had approached over 200 galleries with requests to host the exhibition and were turned down by almost all of them. After the final gallery, which had initially agreed had a change of heart the Draw Mohammad exhibition was left homeless. 
Waters regrets that the lack of a single gallery space in the country willing to stand up for the Mohammed cartoons and the pressure from counter terror police to cancel event confirmed her suspicions that Britain had become a “frightened nation”. Calling for the establishment of a global free-speech movement, Waters remarked “It cannot be a talking shop put together to discuss shouting fire in a crowded theatre, but a tireless campaign to actively defend, by legislation and other means, the right of people to criticise, analyse, reject, satirise, and mock any single set of beliefs which is capable of affecting society as a whole, especially its freedoms”. 
“We need an international campaign comprising all who seek free speech protection, particularly from Islam. It needs to work hard and fast to reverse the tide. I will contact every organisation, politician, writer, and advocate for free speech that I can find, and I hope we can take the fight for free expression on to the world stage. 
“The aim is a fear-free Mohammed cartoon contest. When we can have that, we will know we are winning”. 
She will no doubt receive support from fellow free speech campaigner, and member of the Dutch parliament Geert Wilders, who held a televised exhibition of Mohammed cartoonsin his native Netherlands earlier this year. Initially planning to hold a physical show of art in the national parliament, he was blocked by the authorities and was forced instead to use his right as a party leader to make a party political broadcast on a subject of his choice. 
In an interview with Breitbart London in June of this year, Mr. Wilders said that every country in the world should have its own draw Mohammed competition, but not as a provocation to invite attacks. Instead, he said, it was crucial that “we cannot allow violent terrorists to win” by censoring freedom of speech. Wilders said: “Every time they threaten or attack us because we use freedom of speech, we should make cartoons 100 times more. This can be the only reaction – terrorists must get the message that attacking us is just counter effective”. 
British police will have witnessed the attacks at other freedom of speech events around the world recently and drawn the conclusion they could expect similar trouble in the United Kingdom from Islamists determined to prevent the depiction of their prophet. Geert Wilders was present at the Draw Mohammed competition in Garland, Texas when two Muslim gunmen attempted to kill the attendees but were shot dead by security forces. 
In Copenhagen, Denmark in Feburary, another freedom of speech event was attacked by a Muslim gunman. This time the attendees didn’t have the luxury of armed guards and a documentary film maker was shot to death by the assailant who then peppered the room with bullets. He made good his escape and proceeded to attack a Synagogue in the city the following day, killing one.

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