Saturday, September 12, 2015

"It's a F***ing Disaster": Marxist Terrorist Supporter Corbyn Elected Brit Labour Leader in Landslide


How's that End of History thing working for you?

We wrote about Jeremy Corbyn only a few weeks ago, and even then many thought his recent surge in popularity was a temporary fluke.

Now he's Tony Blair in 1994.

Who looks like Harry Dean Stanton gone to seed.

For Corbyn's thoughts on Marx and Marxism, see here. For his general "very radical" views, see here.

The Daily Mail reports on his election:
It's a f***ing disaster': Utter dismay from senior Labour MPs as Corbyn victory triggers SEVEN resignations from front bench
  • Labour frontbenchers announce resignations within minutes of news hardline leftwinger had won leadership contest
  • Leadership rival Yvette Cooper confirms she will not serve under Corbyn, followed by Tristram Hunt and Liz Kendall
  • Rachel Reeves, Chuka Umunna, Jamie Reed and Emma Reynolds also refuse to serve under radical new leader
  • A total of 422,000 of the 550,000 Labour members took part in the vote, with Corbyn taking more than 251,000
(By Tom Mctague and Matt Chorley, 12 September 2015) 
Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader was today branded a 'f***ing disaster' by senior members of his own party. 
Modernisers who hoped to find a candidate who can take on the Tories are utterly dismayed at being led by the Marxist throwback who opposes austerity, the monarchy and Britain's membership. 
Within minutes of his victory being announced, senior MPs started resigning from the shadow cabinet saying they could not serve under him as some warned he would not survive a year in the role. 
In his acceptance speech Mr Corbyn declared that Labour's election fightback is gathering speed as he stormed to victory in the Labour leadership contest, winning almost 60 per cent of the vote in the first round. 
But one senior Labour MP told MailOnline: 'It's a f***ing disaster.' 
Another MP said it was 'absolutely disastrous' for the party. He said Mr Corbyn would be 'vicious' and move to deselect rebel MPs by flooding the party with the new supporters. 
A former frontbencher said: 'I will give him 12 months. I can't see him lasting any longer than that.' 
In the most extraordinary result in modern political history, the 66-year-old Marxist throwback who has never run anything in his life will now take charge of the party of Keir Hardie, Clement Atlee and Tony Blair. 
There were cheers at the QEII Conference Centre in central London as it was confirmed that the unassuming Islington MP had defied all expectations – including his own – to become leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition. 
After thanking the unions, attacking the media, and accusing the Conservatives of 'social cleansing', Mr Corbyn declared: 'The fightback for our party now gathers speed and gathers pace.' 
After the party was swamped by 360,000 new members, he stormed to victory in the first round easily beating better-known rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall. 
Supporters wept and punched the air, chanting 'Jez we did, Jez we did', as Mr Corbyn took to the stage to deliver a call for unity...

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