Sunday, May 29, 2016

19-Year Old Amjad Ben Sasi, Before Being Shot in the Head by Sharia Police: "Do what you like, I am not apologizing."

Remember his name

This occurred last December in the ISIS occupied Libyan town of Sirte. I believe it was first reported yesterday in the Sunday Times and was then picked up by the Daily Mail and Italian media. The Times claims that the above photo was taken seconds before the teenager's death.

In a sense, this is a minor story. Thousands of human beings have met the same fate in the last few years. And no doubt many were just as defiant.

Nevertheless, this speaks to us if for no other reason than we appear to have some of the details, including the victim's last words.
A 19-year-old boy has been publicly executed in Libya after he refused four times to repent for swearing. 
Amjad Mohammed Ben Sasi had allegedly blasphemed during a dispute with a neighbour in the coastal city of Sirte. 
He was consequently hauled before an Islamic State Sharia court three times and on each occasion the youth stood his ground. 
'Amjad was a proud and angry young man,' Salah Salem Ben Sasi, the teenager's uncle told The Times. 
'He was fed up with Islamic State rule in Sirte. His attitude was "Do what you like, I am not apologising".' 
But he paid the price for his defiance and on the fourth day was brought into the main square where the blasphemy charge was read aloud to the public. 
Amjad Ben Sasi remained resolute to the end, and when he was asked if he had any final words he turned to the man who was about to kill him and said 'My name will live longer than yours', the uncle recalled. 
'The executioner replied, "We shall see", and shot him twice in the back of the head.' 
Read the rest at the Daily Mail.


  1. May the Lord have Mercy on his soul.

  2. I vowed when I read this story to tell one person his name each day, and to ask them to pass it on. We shall see.