Saturday, May 14, 2016

The New Pope Video is an Anti-Catholic Attack on Motherhood and the Family

Tell me about it. We have four pre-school age children and a smaller kitchen.

Yeah. It is.

(Just so there's no confusion, I'm referring to Respect for Women, the May "Pope Video" released two weeks ago.)

It's true that Pope Francis first claims that
the contribution of women in all areas of human activity is undeniable, beginning with the family.
Except that the video doesn't begin with the family. It begins first with what looks to be a female professor drawing a chemical formula on a classroom glassboard and then shifts to a female doctor looking at an x-ray. 

Then there is a mother helping her daughter paint a ball. Or I assume it's a mother and daughter since the words "beginning with the family" first appear here. Then again, the fact that they appear to be sitting in a classroom is odd.

Finally, there is a mother making sandwiches for her two (count them, two!) children. We know this because there are two kids backpacks on the counter. Notably, she looks tired, depressed and even slightly bitter. She's probably thinking, "What? I gave up a promising career as an x-ray technician for this?" 

Then, twenty or so seconds later comes the take away: 
We must . . . remove the barriers that prevent [women's] full integration into social, political and economic life.
These days, of course, I would argue that those "barriers" are largely nonexistent for most women--with the notable exception of women in Muslim communities (not that Francis cares about them). And since virtually no one is against the basic proposition that women and men should be treated as equals in general or per se, then either that "barriers" statement is of no effect, or else it means something different than what it seems.

I think it's the latter.

The familiar call for a sort of permanent revolution (I say permanent because whatever is actually done, they say we're not there yet and we thus have to redouble our efforts) to solve a problem that isn't very real anyway is of course merely a stalking horse for the belief that women can and should get their primary satisfaction in life from jobs and careers--or to put it another way, from things other than being a mother. Women must be, you know, fully integrated. And if we see that anyone--male or female--disagrees with this, then we should just keep pushing. Disagreement (so goes the view) is a barrier in itself.

And by the way, if you're a woman and you don't agree, then you're no doubt repressed and suffering from false consciousness. Or you're wedded to the old ways and don't hear the Holy Spirit whispering "100 K plus benefits."

If you're a man and you don't agree, then you're just one step below rapist. You're certainly not a supportive husband or father. Nor are you going along with the fresh winds of change (that have been freshly blowing for the last fifty years). Oh, and if they catch you writing about it on your Facebook page, say goodbye to your 100 K plus benefits.

This is, of course, the greater part of the the modern feminist message. 

And it's a lie--a deeply anti-Christian and anti-Catholic lie that continues to inflict massive damage on women, children, motherhood and the family.

And no, I'm not going to waste any space defending myself against the charges that I'm a sexist or chauvinist or that I'm exaggerating the Pope's innocuous plea for fairness or whatever. And of course, calling the video Respect for Women is part of the lie.

What's going on is clear to anyone with eyes to see.

Francis wants to be loved by the world. This is more important to him than standing up for Christ, His Church or faithful Catholics in general. Then again, I cannot say for certain whether the Pope still even believes in Christ or the Church. Or rather, I do not think that he does.

These videos are insidious. They are poisonous. They are evil.

In their cloying liberal secularism they are anti-Christian and anti-Catholic,

And they were made by someone who is called Pope.


  1. The importance of humanism will take the place of the salvation of souls within the Catholic Churh. This is how satan destroys the faith. Can you see the agenda yet? Wait for the new one world religion to unfold. Prepare to be part of the Remnant Faithful.

  2. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"---Christ.

    "No more you're not, there are lots of ways, truths and lifestyles"--Pope Francis.

  3. The most beat on choice for women is wife and mother.

    1. So it seems to me.

      Living and working in an urban, mainly liberal environment, I'm not sure I know one married couple (outside of my Catholic friends), where one of them--the mother OR the father--"stays home" to take care of the home and family, except of course on a very temporary basis or due to unforeseen circumstances. There are presumably many reasons for this, including obvious economic ones. But it strikes me that whatever it's causes or potential solutions, this is much more of a problem than women allegedly being excluded from politics or whatever.

    2. I believe it is one of the goals of Cultural Marxism to undermine the family via radical feminism by making them a victim class and pitting them against men. Quite obviously appealing to female pride and equality is a devilish concept which is against every precept of historical Catholic teaching. This will result in the destruction of Christian civilization.

  4. This is the best article on the current "pope"
    Video that I
    Have seen so far.

    Seattle kim

    1. Thanks! As you know, Corbinian's Bear as been on this blasted series from the beginning. In talking to my Catholic friends it's become clear how Video #5 is on the surface perhaps the most innocuous--there are no heresies--yet in its overall approach is the most obnoxious.

  5. I remember very well 1973/4 when feminism came into the mainstream. Divorce, birth control, abortion - all to serve this evil Marxist ideology. Those of us who fell into the trap joined the millions who threw off all authority - including the authority of our husbands.

    This is at the core of the whole thing. We will not acknowledge the authority of He Who created us, nor any authority that flows from His. Non Servium!