Friday, October 7, 2016

Shareef Didn't Like It: Amazon Pulls Sexy Burka Costume

Happy Halloween!

Amazon UK just pulled the "Sexy Saudi Burka" costume from its online store, due to Muslim pressure and threats.

Here are some points, somewhat at random:

1. I don't know whether the sexy burka was available in the US. If it was, it was also pulled.

2. You can still buy the not very sexy male costume that the burka was paired with.

3. You have to laugh at the first item under "Customers Who Bought This Item (the Arab male costume) Also Bought":

4. You can of course still buy 101 different sexy nun costumes, as well as sexy priests (yes the costume exists), sexy angels and devils (obviously), multiple Jesus costumes with or without the "Thorn Crown Accessory" and all sorts of Biblical costumes, some sexy, some not, for everyone from irreverent atheists to Christian Fundies who want to have a holy Halloween.

5. Sorry, no Muhammad costumes, but you can buy a Muhammad Ali mask.

6. You can of course buy 101 non-sexy burkas from Amazon UK (many with velcro).

7. You CAN still buy an Israeli soldier costume for your child. Walmart pulled it last year after Muslim pressure and threats, but it's still available from Amazon US and UK. Note, though, the 117 one-star reviews out of 122. Obviously, a few Muslim and non-Muslim Brits did a bit of computer typing as a break from singing kill-the-jew songs.

8. You CAN still buy (in the US but not the UK) a bikini made out of the Saudi flag. It's part of the "Kim Lennon Country Series," which features bikinis made from many different flags. Act now, though. It's already acquired a few negative reviews from the usual suspects (in broken English, of course). As you know, the Saudi flag contains the Muslim statement of faith: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet." And sure enough, there it is.


  1. Hey! Don't forget! Today is the Feast of the Holy Rosary! In honor of the victory at The Battle of Lepanto Oct 7 1571. A victory against the invasion of Islam into Europe.
    Very appropriate for today when there is again an invasion of Muslims into Europe. Today there is no battle and they are being welcomed. Let's pray the rosary for victory in this current battle.

  2. The world's gone nuts. This was actually pretty funny though. But I don't think muslims have a sense of humor at all. They aren't a humorous people at all. Gee, what do they bring to the table.

  3. Woah, Oakes, you started approving comments? Dare I ask why?

    1. Good question. It has nothing to do with anything anyone has written. Call it insurance against a possible troll attack.

  4. The surprise is why Amazon would allow such politically incorrect stuff in the first place. I don't think Jeff Bezos would have approved. Expect someone will get fired over this.

  5. I am not sharing this with my daughter 'cuz she would probably buy 3 little Israeli Soldier "costumes" for her boys and she has enough drama in her life as it is.
    Why does the Gabriel angel image remind me of St. Michael? Amazon. Thanks for my Saturday morning good humor.

  6. That any red-blooded Musloid could object to the model in the middle tells me everything I need to know about Musloid males.

  7. "That any red-blooded Musloid could object to the model in the middle tells me everything I need to know about Musloid males."

    Yes, that they are hypocrites.