Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dirty Old Man: Bergoglio's Interview Was Even More Bizarre and Disgusting than the Headlines Suggested

Yesterday, faithful Catholics all over the world were greeted by these news headlines:

Pope Francis compares fake news consumption to eating faeces

Fake news is like getting sexually aroused by faeces, Pope says

Pope Francis says fake news is like eating faeces

Now, Pope defenders used to always complain that the Pope was mistranslated. This time the Pope was mistranslated, at least slightly, and at least in those headlines. But it was not with any intention to mislead. Here's what the Pope actually said in an interview with the Belgian Catholic weekly, Tertio:
Disinformation is probably the greatest damage that the media can do, as opinion is guided in one direction, neglecting the other part of the truth. And then, I believe that the media should be very clear, very transparent, and not fall prey – without offence, please – to the sickness of coprophilia, which is always wanting to communicate scandal, to communicate ugly things, even though they may be true. And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, it can do great harm.
One of the humorous things here (if it's possible for there to be any) is that the Pope used two words (or their equivalents in Spanish) that headline writers knew most people would not know or understand. From the OED:

coproˈphilia n. [Greek ϕιλία affection] marked attention to defecation and to excreta.

coˈprophagy n. the eating of excrement (Coprophagia would thus denote the condition or tendency of desiring or feeling impelled to eat excrement.)

So the headline writers had to come up with a substitute. It's unclear to me why most of them chose "faeces" (English spelling) or "feces" (American spelling) over, say, "excrement," but they did. Curiously the only example I could come up with of "excrement" was:

Pope Francis Compares 'Fake News' to Excrement - Breitbart

Yes, that Breitbart. Maybe that was to make things more understandable to the white supremacists.

Other right-wingers chose another alternative:

Poop Talk With Pope Francis | The American Conservative

As you can see from the OED definitions, some of the headlines went too far. Technically "coprophilia" merely means "marked attention to" not necessarily "being sexually aroused by." See, the conspiracy to slander the Pope by mistranslating his words has even spread to liberal publications.

This is all weird, creepy and disgusting. But if you read his actual words (which probably few did) it gets even weirder, creepier and more disgusting.
the media should be very clear, very transparent, and not fall prey – without offence, please – to the sickness of coprophilia
Without offense, please? 

Without offense, please?

I'm about to make about the most disgusting charge one could possibly make against anyone, using disgusting language too disgusting for most people even to understand, and I don't want you to take offense?

Also, I'm wearing the white cassock of the Pope and doing an interview with a Catholic publication.

No offense.

But here's the worst part:     
And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, it can do great harm.
Since people have the tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia...


Which people?

What is he talking about?

What is he TALKING about?!

People have a tendency to be attracted to eating excrement.

Is this what one learns in Jesuit seminaries?

Out of charity I won't bring up projection.

As some commentators pointed out, this wasn't the first time Bergoglio had publicly mentioned both coprophilia and coprophagia in the same breath. He did it also in 2013.
Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia: which is a sin that taints all men and women, that is, the tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects.
Here he even put forward a scientific theory - coprophilia foments coprophagia. Again, one wonders where he learned this. But as one sometimes says with popes, maybe it's just his personal opinion.

Let me speak seriously now: If Bergoglio were anything else but the Pope, everyone would be in unanimous agreement that he was almost certainly a disgusting and perverted old man. Someone to pity, yes, but first and foremost someone to keep your children away from. 

Normal people don't use the words "coprophilia" and "coprophagia" as metaphors for enjoying the spreading of false gossip. They don't. They just don't. Normal Catholics don't. Normal Argentinians don't. And, yes, even normal Jesuits don't.

Bergoglio is deranged. The sooner his pontificate ends, the better.


  1. I wish somebody would publish the Kolvenbach report if it really exists.

  2. Spot on.The sooner Bergoglio goes the better!

  3. I motion to wipe his mouth out with Charmin!

  4. I am about to somewhat defend his statement, even though it is gross, unseemly, and vulgar.
    I believe he is intending to make a comparison to reading and ingesting "the ugly stuff" that human beings do seem generally drawn to. This is a relevant observation, that people are naturally attracted to what is horrible, violent, etc. I have long noticed this as I'm sure we all have, it is an apparently human tendency. This is why we have such overtly sexual or violent TV programming, movies, entertainment, so it can't be denied.
    But, for a pope to know such terms, use them a few times, is bizarre and makes him seem totally detached from his responsibility as pope, or the effect of his words and actions, and, is an ugly image to connect with the office, it is demeaning to the office.
    In addition, the charge of the Leftists, the American Marxists, the Democrats, is that Donald Trump was elected because of "fake news". If I understand this correctly, what they are in a lather about is that Donald Trump was elected, and "fake news" about Hillary Clinton (the actual truth about her they deny) is what enabled him to be elected and denied HER the office. Democrats love censorship and control. They have criticized the media for printing ANYTHING about Donald Trump, because a candidate not even TALKED ABOUT, is a candidate who won't get into office. Just discuss the Democrat candidate! And always in glowing terms please. Any criticism of that candidate is "fake news" and must be stopped.
    Now liberals own, run, and control about 90% of TV media, while alternative media like Facebook is open to both sides. Radio is largely conservative, because liberals are boring, have no ideas worth talking about, and they can't sustain radio interest. They've tried! But they do want to control all media to silence their opposition.
    It is just another disappointment that Francis has taken up yet another Democrat talking point, when he criticizes the "fake media".
    He is an unmitigated disaster, may God send the remedy to him soon.
    My apologies for the rant.

    1. Aw gee whiz, Kathleen! I mean really puh-leese...gee whiz.

  5. Bergoglio is not a valid pope he look like a pope but he is a servent of the antichrist. That is why the devil is using him to deceive many and lead them to eternal perdition.
    Remember Bergoglio also told youth people at World Youth day in Krakow “The Way of the Cross is not a sadomasochistic habit.
    And during a mass said a bad Word.
    Revelation 13:11
    The Second Beast

    Then I saw another beast which rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon.

  6. He is curiously obsessed by sexual themes - in fact, so are all of those around him, ranging from "Art of Kissing" Fernandez to Kasper and Danneels, both of whom have made some very odd and inappropriate statements. At the same time, he's trying to airbrush out all sins against the sixth commandment. Rome, I think we have a problem...

    1. See my comment. I believe the horrific practices and lifestyles of homosexuals permeating the prelature and priesthood are common enough frames of reference to be reflected in the speech of the Pope.

  7. In my opinion, and I say this advisedly and with all due respect, I believe Francis exhibits signs of demonic posession.

    The Church ought be offering public prayer for his deliverance. Our Lady, Destroyer of all Heresies, defend and protect us.

    1. I don't think you're far off Liam! He may not be 'possessed', as possession is rare, but he may well be suffering from demonic oppression. This would not be unusual as the Vatican is infested with demons. I've also thought he may be mentally ill, but there sometimes is a fine line between mental illness and demonic influence.

      That said, I had not even heard of this 'coprophagia' before now. He's teaching some of us new concepts:) I mean, who thinks of such vile disgusting things? You cannot make this stuff up!! To me, it's disturbingly EVIL.

    2. Thank you for correcting my mis-spelling, TLM. I originally typed the extra 's' in 'possessed', but it sounded in my ears like the 'hissssss' of a snake when pronounced.


  8. Coprophagia? Must be one of those Spirit Cooking recipes.

  9. The freedom of the press is an enemy of neo-Marxism. In Argentina Bergoglio attacked the press several times in the same vulgar and shameful way.
    Like for example in 2008, 2012

  10. Coprophilia the paraphilia involving sexual arousal and pleasure from feces
    Remember also that Bergoglio taught psychology in Argentina, that means, his sin with malicious.

  11. If I may, there is an alternate interpretation. It could very well be the Pope was trying to find an expression equivalent to our term for 'bull shit', i.e., untruths, fake news, lies, etc. Maybe there is no such term in Italian or Spanish. Anybody agree?

    1. Coprofilia in Spanish is coprophagia in English and means the same thing. Mierda in Spanish is $*** and its derivatives, like poop, muck and such. (I used Google translate)

    2. Remember this public incident?

      The Telegraph 03 March 2014

      “Pope Francis drops F-bomb” ‘The 77-year-old Jesuit Pope corrected himself almost immediately after making the gaffe.’

      One presumably knows the genuine profanity if one corrects it ‘almost immediately’.

    3. I speake Spanish the nasty Word coprophagia means the same that in English In 2008 they even translate the news with the meaning "coprofagia" (se alimentan de excrementos).

  12. I wonder if the Pope has been reading some of Luther's nastier writings? That would explain a lot!

  13. He was ordained in 1969; those who taught him were formed pre-Vatican. He means concupiscence. No reason at all for him to use this language. Most Jesuits are not very smart; just smart enough to read someone's theory and make it their "thing". Christopher West took a year off; let's pray.

    1. 'Concupiscence'? How does one eat concupiscence?

    2. Tony, he mean Coprofilia a practice widely shown in pornography and like that "eccentric" uncle that children are told to never be alone with he keeps bringing the subject up.

  14. Here is one possible positive take on the ramblings of the strange man of The Holy See - IF he is insane, his culpability for what he says and does is diminished.

    Other than that, he is a disgusting and perverted prelate who must be removed from his office after having been publicly declared a heretic by Cardinals.

    The longer he is allowed to remain in office the worse it will be for him personally, but far far more important, the worse it will be for the Bride of Christ which he has been dragging out of Holy places and mud wrestling with her in the foul alleys.

  15. I wonder if the man's verbiage may hail from his experience.

    Whether he is himself a sodomite I do not know, but I strongly suspect his associates and the priestly culture in which he lives has become so debased that "people" around him tend to do those things and thus what seems to him as "normal" simply comes out in his words.

    God help us!!

  16. Replies
    1. aaaaand....spoken like a true disciple of francis. Well done vulgarian; your 'father' would be most proud of you.

    2. I have heard of a 'Lund' Sweden. Perhaps 'Gideon' chatted with Francis when he was there?

      Might our Gideon be the one mentioned in the Beatles' 'Rocky Raccoon'?

  17. Perhaps mental illness is at work.

  18. Mr Lund is vocabulary-challenged. And like his spiritual fathers Bergoglio, Spadaro, et al., he can really turn a corprophagian phrase.

  19. It fits perfectly with one who is literally working for the devil as false prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13.