Friday, December 9, 2016

Jared Wyand's Last Tweet

Twitter just suspended Jared Wyand. It looks like it's probably a permanent ban.

The above was his last tweet.


Here's what Wyand wrote on Gab about the suspension:

Now, I wasn't a follower of Wyand and I only vaguely knew his name. I gather that along with the righteous (to me) anti-Islam stuff, there was also unfortunate (to me) anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist conspiracy stuff.

Apologies to Wyand if I am mischaracterizing his views.

But what his particular political views are is beside the point.

The concept of freedom is speech has an ambiguous status among Catholics. I would be the first to acknowledge that we have no absolute God-given right to it, at least in the philosophical or abstract sense.

But that doesn't mean it shouldn't generally or usually be strongly supported, especially now, whether in the political sense represented by the First Amendment, or the social sense exemplified by the American tradition of basic tolerance for those who think or speak differently.

That tradition is of course largely dead.

And if you are among those who helped to kill it or are doing your best now to give it the coup de grace, take the "em" off of Wyand's F-word, above and add a "you" to it. 

Happy Friday


  1. We have allowed the Left to make us think they can silence us. Why people would continue to use Twitter when it is being said they are censoring social conservatives I don't understand. There have to be other venues. Facebook is moving in the same direction. All this talk about "fake news" is the natural outcome of the Left's desire to control ALL news so that, only their views and candidates will be heard.
    In America the media is almost totally corrupt. Only talk radio has decent radio and that is because it represents the right. The Left is boring and has no ideas except slamming the Right. Hence, their ratings.
    It is appalling that Europeans have given up any semblance of freedom of speech. How perfect for the leaders to be able to use LAW to silence the people they are obliterating through Muslim immigration. How lovely and convenient for them to be able to do that with their victim's silence, and under the vile cover of "hate speech".
    America looked at Europe and what is happening to her and say, oh hell no, we don't want THAT.
    We would like to see Europeans spring to life and take their nations back into their own hands and boot their feckless and horrible leaders out at the first opportunity, and reclaim their lands for themselves and their culture and children. It CAN be done.

  2. As a writer and conservative, I appreciated your comments very much. I did follow Jared on Twitter, and I'm beyond angry. But more than that, I am just so sad, for the things you name: the real free press that has been so unique and such a force for good and freedom in America, is officially dead in 2016.

    1. Cheers! I used to think that only the political aspect of free speech mattered. But now I think the social aspect may be more important. Tolerance is an attitude, not a legal mandate. I too am sorry that it's become a sort of historical curiosity that once existed. We can teach our kids about it.