Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pope to Youth: Do You Selflessly Accept the Challenge of Helping to Destroy Western Civilization?

The new Pope Video is out.

It's called "Youth"

I'm not sure when it was officially released. The YouTube stamp says April 4th. That would make it three days late. I'm honestly sorry it didn't come out on April Fools Day.

It's the sixteenth such video. Attentive readers of this blog will know that I stopped reviewing them a few videos ago. I was tired of it, to tell you the truth. They have become annoyingly predictable - pseudo-slick productions endorsing the latest secular liberal cause of the day, often in implicit contradiction to Catholic teachings.

Back in January, taking a suggestion from St. Corbinian's BearI did an analysis of the video traffic for the videos. It seemed clear that it was rapidly dropping off. At this point, I doubt very many people look at the damn things anymore - whether they're Catholics or non-Catholics, Francis fans or detractors. The current YouTube video has only 2,332 views so far. Admittedly, there are a few other ways to watch it, but still. Given that there are 1.2 billion Catholics and over 7 billion "citizens of the world," many if not most of whom have access to this sort of thing, that's a ridiculously low number.

At this point the videos exist primarily to nurture the Pope's ego and enrich La Machi, the Argentina based production company.

For those readers who don't wish to burn 1:07 of their lives on Francis tripe, here's the text:
I know that you, young people, don’t want to be duped by a false freedom, always at the beck and call of momentary fashions and fads. I know that you aim high. Is that true, or am I wrong?
Don’t leave it to others to be the protagonists of change.
You, young people, are the ones who hold the future! I ask you to be builders of the world, to work for a better world. It is a challenge, yes it is a challenge. Do you accept it?
Pray with me that young people may respond generously to their own vocation and mobilize for the great causes of the world.
So, as expected, there's one "change," two "challenges" and three "worlds."

No "God," "Christ" or "Church."

One "pray."

The central story, not apparent from the words, is that the young female volunteer, fresh from working out in the gym, is helping to unload Muslim "refugees" from a boat onto the (presumably) Italian dock. Interestingly, the video makes no attempt to stock this boat with women, children or families. There are perhaps two women wearing hijabs, although it's hard to tell as they're sort of in the background. The rest of the passengers appear to be mostly young adult males.

Once again, Mahound's Paradise would also like to point out the curious absence of black people, or at least of very black people. These refugees are pretty white, as refugees go. They wouldn't look out of place on, say, the Boca football field in Buenos Aires. Maybe that's where La Machi found them.

The volunteer wears a mask to protect herself from refugee cooties. Or perhaps it's to protect the noble boaters from Italian cooties.

The actual message of this particular video is pretty gross - for Catholics or non-Catholics. Pope Francis believes that the among the highest callings of today's "youth" is to facilitate Muslim mass-migration into Europe, and thus collaborate in the destruction of Christian or post-Christian or whatever-you-want-to-call-it Western civilization.

As well as making life in much of contemporary Western Europe increasingly unpleasant. Of course, it's possible that these particular arrivals won't rape anyone. I would advise the young woman to leave her spandex workout costume in the gym and be careful of those tight jeans (featured earlier in the video). Wearing the helmet - with its red crescent - off of the dock might also help.

But before the boat scene, there's the old man, pointing his finger at us again. Do we accept the challenge?

No, actually.

It's being increasingly reported that Francis has lost the support of most Italians, whether they be Catholic or no, largely because they perceive him as being the chief proponent of an invasion - let's call it by its name - that they naturally oppose.

And more and more Catholics and Christians in Italy, Europe and around the world are certainly praying for something having to do with this Pope.

But it's not exactly the prayer that Francis had in mind.


  1. What an utter bore. He must put himself to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz

  2. JayJay, my sentiments exactly!

  3. I lack words foul enough to express my disgust.

  4. The woman was foolish enough to work out as though she were a man but, on the bright side, she became muscular enough become to haul Mahometans out of the boat and welcome the newly-arriving rapists with open arms.

  5. Try this for some bright commentary on the Pope dimwitted art.

  6. They are still making those things. Wait. We still have a pope?