Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alexandria Shooter had Bernie Sanders Image and Slogan as his Facebook Profile Pic

The Facebook account of this morning's Alexandria, VA shooter is filled with pro-Bernie Sanders posts and anti-Trump hate. James T. Hodgkinson used a picture of Sanders as his profile picture along with the slogan:
Democratic Socialism Explained in 3 Words: "We The People."
A post a few months ago was headlined: 
Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.

A few hours ago, after allegedly confirming that a practicing baseball team was that of the House and Senate Republicans, Hodgkinson opened fire at an Alexandria baseball diamond, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scales and four others. The shooting attack lasted for up to ten minutes as Hodgkinson advanced, with a long gun and a pistol, on those who had fled the field and were hiding in a dugout. All of the injured are expected to recover. But if it weren't for the fact that Scalise had a security detail with him, who returned fire and ultimately brought the shooter down, it is likely that the results would have been far worse. Indeed, it probably would have been a massacre, due to the fact that none of the Congressmen were armed.

Okay, are Bernie Sanders and the left, including, say, well-known liberal commentators such as Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher, both of whom were featured on the shooter's page of "likes" - responsible for this?

Of course not. I'm sure Sanders wouldn't hurt a fly. Maddow's aggression peaks at sighing and shaking her head and Maher slings only offensive jokes. But the attack is yet another example of how the "climate of hate and violence" that we are constantly being told has arisen due to the election of Donald Trump is very real.

It's a climate of hate and violence against Trump and his supporters.

Hodgkinson's "likes"
Hodgkinson's Facebook timeline was no different from a million other anti-Trump accounts. I suppose there will always be people whose anger against a particular political side, perhaps coupled with personal problems or issues, leads them to explode into murderous violence. 

But let's just say the atmosphere of real and staged violence against Trump and his supporters, not strong or even angry opposition but violence, ranging from the actions of Antifa and BLM street thugs to simulated beheadings on Twitter or stabbings in Central Park, isn't helping.

And now the bastards are tweeting about gun control.


  1. Yes, apparently 93 million people are killed each day by gun violence. (??) This is according to Gov. Terry McCauliffe of VA. It hasn't occurred to him that without the armed people there, who happened to be officers, it would have been a massacre, as you said. These are the same people who want to fill the nation with foreign criminals and jihadists, so of course to them it's a great time to disarm the people. Logic is hard to come by.
    And how callous we have become, making political or hard-hearted comments before the blood at the crime scene is dry. What is happening to our souls.
    Look, when you have an ex-vice president expressing his wish, as an elderly man, to take President Trump "behind the gym", and you have B-list entertainers holding up heads of sitting presidents ala ISIS, you have a violence problem. The hateful rhetoric of the Left has spiraled out of control, so much so that there is hatred everywhere for the "other". Being a Republican political leader got good people shot today at a baseball game, where will the hatred of the Left take us tomorrow? When they target a sitting president in a scorched earth policy, what is their limit?


  2. A much more interesting series of questions ought be asked about Robert Mueller.

    How does a man who did what he did get selected as a special prosecutor?

    What did he know of the activities of Whitey Bulgar and what did he do to protect the Irish Mobster?

    The Republicucks have to know this history and so the question is - why even vote for these sissies if they will not fight?

    Politically, Trump is a dead man walking. The establishment hired Mueller to take him out.

  3. Haha, Republicucks. That's great.
    Mueller needs to go. Yes, the huge, Marxist, globalist machine is out for President Trump. But there are a few things in his favor.
    1. God is helping him.
    2. Millions are 100% behind him.
    3. He's smart.