Monday, June 5, 2017

Fear, Confusion and Charity (but not Panic) During London Attack - "Hey man, go get me something tough, get me that bat."

H/t: Vlad Tepes.

So many pictures and videos of the recent spate of terrorist attacks feature people running away, often in what seems to be panic. Of course, simply running is often the best option.

But this new video shows people near the attacks remaining in place (with at least one trying to arm himself), in part, I assume because they don't know which way to run, but also to make sure that others can be warned. A few of the men look almost nonchalant, as if they still don't quite understand what's happening. Or perhaps they feel relatively safe, as they're standing at an intersection of alleys where they might have a clear view of any possible attackers.

We do see a man (a policeman?) trying to quickly move an injured man out of danger, as well as two other policemen tearing down an alley with guns drawn. "Dad, are you alright?" someone shouts. "Are you alright, luv?"

Another man tries to franticly explain what is happening. He speaks in a mixture of English and another language:

"It's a terrorist attack here. These mad people. They attacked people. Look, look at this, brothers. Man, the knife blows he gave to a guy, oh my God. My God, I think I filmed him. He put the knife in his neck. It's three of them. It's three, it's three people, no? Three. Hey man, go get me something tough, get me that bat."

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