Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cupich Partners With One of the Largest Abortion Funders in the Country - "9:00 am. - coffee and networking reception begins."

Many of you know that Chicago is on track to see 700 murders this year. That number is of course horrific.

Except that the 700 figure is incorrect. The true number will be more like 20,700.

I am of course adding in the roughly 20,000 murders via abortion that will take place this year in Chicago and its suburbs.

This Friday, Chicago's Cardinal Blase Cupich will be hosting a "Conversation" with the president of the MacArthur Foundation Julia Stasch on "Chicago, Violence and the Catholic Church."

According to the web page promoting the event, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is
[t]he largest private grant maker in Chicago...MacArthur supports local efforts to prevent violence, reduce incarceration, build trust between police and the communities they serve, and improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice system.
The site doesn't mention that the MacArthur Foundation is also almost certainly the largest private funder of abortions in Chicago, through its major grants to Planned Parenthood (which operates a downtown abortuary) as well as other organizations - such as the Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW), which feeds much of its monies to greater Chicago abortion facilities. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the MacArthur Foundation had awarded the CFW a four-year grant of $1 million.

Outside of Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation has funded abortions throughout the world through its support of International Planned Parenthood. The foundation has also been linked to India's notorious "sterilization camps."

In part, this is not surprising. Most of the largest US foundations are liberal in orientation, and one of the most popular liberal causes or activities is abortion services, or as the foundations often put it, "women's reproductive rights."

That the Catholic Church or any representative of it would partner with MacArthur is obviously sick and evil. And that they're doing so, supposedly in an effort to stop violence in the city, is stomach-turning. MacArthur is funding 95% of the violence in the city.

Unless, sucking a person's brains out with a vacuum mechanism or literally pulling their legs, torso and head apart with a metal instrument doesn't count as violence.

Perhaps someone at the event will ask the cardinal about that.

Cupich tweeted about the event. I tweeted back a reply, asking whether the abortion question would come up in the Q&A. When I looked again, attendance at the event was suddenly closed. (I think that it closed in that short time frame though I can't be 100% sure. In any case, it happened four days before the site said that it would be automatically closed.)

Please, don't say that it's just a "conversation" or an innocuous alliance for a good cause that doesn't imply endorsement of other things. Would the Archdiocese host a conversation with a company that was proud of manufacturing crematoria for the Holocaust?

Every faithful Catholic knows what Cupich is. But this sort of thing goes beyond him. No one else in the Archdiocese bureaucracy thought to oppose this. Or if they did, their efforts were never made public, and were of course in vain.

The Archdiocese of Chicago is in sum no longer any sort of moral force to promote Catholic values. At best, it's just another liberal NGO. At worst, it's culpable in collaborating with some of the worst evils of our time - evils which are still strongly and officially condemned by the greater Catholic Church.

Cupich probably won't change. But every other Catholic involved with this should be very ashamed.


  1. "Going along" Is a consistent theme among conciliarists. I would picket the local chancery before I would picket an abortion mill.

  2. Thanks, Oakes. You're back in fine form, a field marshall for us, the Churrch Militant.

    Let it be proclaimed from the rooftops of the blogosphere--Cupich is in bed with Big Abortion.

    He is truly a ravening wolf.

  3. Unless one calls the diocese, talks to one's pastor, and brings signs of protest to 610 S Michigan Ave this Friday from 7:30-9:30am, one is not really part of the Church Militant.

  4. Cupich is also a big time friend of active homosexualism within the Church. He's no friend of Catholics in Chicago,(as with Francis, he doesn't seem to BE ONE) or anywhere else for that matter.

  5. He's just following the lead of Pope Francis who loves to honor abortionists and population controllers like Emma Bonino and Paul Ehrlich. St. Dominic must be rolling over in his grave on his feast day today.

    1. A wolf in sheep's clothing. An accomplance to the murder of the unborn. Our leaders materially coperate with the greatest mass murder in history. God will Judge, I Trimble for myself but somehow feel they have no doubt they feel assured.

  6. Catholics have been the largest single voting block propping up abortion since 1973 thru their overwhelming support for the Democrats, the party of death. I suspect that without Catholics we might very well not even have have legalized abortion in this country.

    As a Catholic, I find this horrific, but there it is.

    Cupich is merely demonstrating more frankness and honesty than his predecessors and many others who were more duplicitous about their support for abortion

  7. Does anyone know how many people are expected for this event? Or where the money raised from registrations is going?

  8. We must accompany those of good will in their journey.

  9. Listen - any of you who are Irish-American Catholics. The one thing which binds the campaigners and flag-bearers on all sides of the abortion issue, is their rank lack of understanding about the hard questions and their utter resistance to acquiring such. In ainm Dé (in God's name) read: www.thelifeinstitute.net/information/abortion-the-scientific-truth And remember Catholic teaching that it is one's intention (whether one be Christian or Muslim) which governs the merit or otherwise of one's acts.

  10. Cupich is behaving like the good careerist that he is. He knows who butters his bread.

  11. Now I know you can't tell someone is gay by just looking at them....or can you?

  12. The example of the conciliar leaders, behomet is God. Cupich obviously does not believe in Hell.