Monday, June 4, 2018

Cardinal Sarah's Image Crop

I confess to doing a double-take when I noticed this earlier today on my computer's Twitter feed. The above is an undoctored screenshot of the full Tweet. You can see the original for yourself here or here.

Was it intentional?

I doubt it.

The fact that the third photo on the bottom right is not cropped when I view the Tweet on my iPhone would seem to speak against it, among other things.

Then again, you would think that the Cardinal's media person would have at least also viewed it on a computer and noticed the oddity.

Also, with God there are no coincidences.

I would show you what the uncropped version looks like except that, frankly, the juxtaposition of Our Lord with Bergoglio turns my stomach.


  1. I can see the reasoning of course, but this is simply another effeminate cheap shot by one of the "good" prelates who refuse to publicly correct or directly resist this man Bergoglio to the face.

    Bishop Gracida has given us a concise snapshot of ways that struggles were conducted with Popes in the past. Men treating the Pope as a man and not a "god".


    We have these "slights" that can be seen to easily be directed by 12 year old girl against her ex-BFF, but hardly that one would conceive should come from a man who is
    confronting another man.

    Just my sense of the problem,

    Rod Halvorsen

    1. Again, the post was intended largely as humor. I doubt Cardinal Sarah intended any slight.

    2. I can hardly see how it wasn't purposeful tho Cardinal Sarah himself may have had nothing to do with it specifically, tho it is his by being done in his name. At any rate, it IS a message sent even if unintentional.


      These men who purport to be the orthodox leaders need to act. Instead, we get nice words.

      My whole family are converts since Bergoglio became Pope. I used to tried to make the case that the crises we see in the Church are being addressed by the "orthodox" prelates and used to pass on their wonderful and clear restatements of {well-known, nothing new here certainly...} Catholic doctrine to them.

      One of my sons-in-law, also a convert some time ago told me "I don't care about statements. I'm tired of statements. I want to know what they are going to DO about the crises."

      Alas, cropped pix on a Twitter feed seems about as manly an approach as any of them can muster...intentional or not.

  2. PS: I don't mean to beat up on the best we have, as certainly Sarah is among the best we have.

    What I am driving at is that none of the best have seen fit to directly confront Bergoglio OR any of the rank heretics that so besmirch the Church publicly and directly to their faces.

    So we see slights, innuendos, or coded messages as they restate proper orthodox doctrine.

    Good grief how long ago was it that Burke promised a correction of the Pope if the Pope didn't answer the dubia {anybody still remember those...?}

    It used to be that men considered it about the lowest and most cowardly act to pick a fight and then run away. What Burke and the rest have done appears all too closely to be just that.