Friday, June 29, 2018

Fr. Phillips Press Release: "The Review Board found me innocent of the accusations which I have vehemently denied."

A few minutes ago, Fr. Frank Phillips, pastor of St. John Cantius for thirty years and founder of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, released this statement through the offices of his lawyer, Stephen Komie:

Press Release 
From Fr. Frank Phillips 
June 29, 2018 - Chicago 
I wish to express my thanks to Father Gene Szarek, Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Resurrection, for providing an independent Review Board to examine the accusations against me. Thank you to the members of the Review Board who spent hours listening to the accusers as well as individuals who gave testimony of the facts and on behalf of my character. I assure you I have done nothing that would scandalize the faithful. 
My prayers were answered when the Review Board returned its finding of no criminal violation, civil violation, or canonical violation in my case. The Review Board found me innocent of the accusations which I have vehemently denied. I am returning to serve God in any capacity under the direction of the Provincial of the Congregation of the Resurrection to build up the Kingdom of God. 
I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all those who called me, sent me letters, made phone calls, and spoke publicly in my defense. To all those who supported me, please rest assured that I remember you daily in my prayers and my heart has swelled with knowing that you stood by me in the difficult times I have just experienced. I will always stand by you. 
I am currently in Rome engaged in consultations with the Congregation of the Resurrection and other church leaders. I have heard there is a misunderstanding concerning my status. Currently, by decree of Cardinal Cupich my faculties are suspended only in the Archdiocese of Chicago. I am free to continue in my calling to serve God in all other geographical locations on the planet. Therefore, I will continue to say mass for you daily and petition for reconciliation with the Cardinal. 
Lastly, I want to express my appreciation, gratitude, and thanksgiving for my lawyer Stephen Komie who guided me through the process. As we walked together he provided counsel and advice which allowed me to stay the course, keep my head up, and seek my prayers for justice.


  1. In the original he spelled Cupich “Cupitch”. Rhymes with...

  2. Thank you very much for giving us all this news. The Archdiocese has acted furtively and deceptively, because its boss is dishonest. The dialogue, mercy, transparency and openness which this New Church boasts are simply empty words, mouthed by hypocrisy and lying prelates who mock our credulity. Fr Philips will not receive justice in the Church as currently constituted. The ones in charge are personally responsible for this state of affairs, and they want it to continue.

    1. They are not empty words. The are rhetorical knives wielded in defense of evil and at the expense of good.

  3. Now that clears up any speculation.

  4. What is the reason this priest is not returned to his full faculties now? If he has been cleared, and the people want him, what is the reason for not allowing him back? This situation continues to require sunlight, if I lived there I would keep the heat on Cupich and the diocese.
    Help us O Lord, we are subject to evil men.

  5. That is wonderful. I’m happy to see this. God’s ways are not ours and He has other plans for Fr Phillips.

  6. Good job Oakes. Your perseverance has just paid off. Thanks.

    We've all been watching this from afar to see how it shakes out. Now we know. Setup by Cupich. Innocent good priest. Thanks for doggin' this one as St John Cantius is a place of cosmic significance.

    Happy Feast of Ss Peter & Paul!

  7. Nothing happens except by God either permitting or willing it. All things work together for good for those who love God. We have to remember this. God has His plans. Evil endured can be cause for tremendous merit.


  9. most of the letter sounds like it was written by a Canon lawyer. Several interpretations could be rendered. Why indeed, isn't he back in Chicago.? What about the Order he founded... while still a member of another Order. A bit weird. Methinks there is more to this story.

  10. whole thing seems a bit strange. What about the Order he founded while still a member of another Order? Strange. Sounds like the Resurrectionists are stuck with him and really don't know what to do with him