Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ninety-Nine “Resign”s on Cupich's Wall

Yesterday Cardinal Cupich (or some poor millennial entrusted with managing his Twitter account) made another somewhat innocuous tweet, this time about his "remarks" on capital punishment at an American Bar Association event.

Within 24 hours it had received 99 replies. With the exception of a set of extremely strange tweets from a woman who appeared to have a bee in her bonnet about Mafia infiltration (Sicilian not Lavender) in the Church, every reply was critical of Cupich (virtually all, strongly critical, to put it mildly).

Every. Single. Reply.

Even the pictures.

Is there not one Cupich partisan willing to defend him on his Twitter feed? Not one?

Maybe he should ask Antonio Spadaro if he can spare a few sock-puppets.

Perhaps two or three of the reply tweets were exclusively focused on the topic at hand - capital punishment - or in one case, on Cupich's views on communion for pro-abortion politicians. But 95% referenced the Vigano accusations implicating Cupich as a beneficiary and possible collaborator in the McCarrick sex-abuse scandal and Cupich's bizarre interview responding to them.

"Resign" was the word cloud winner, I think.

In that same interview Cupich played the "Latino" race card, no doubt desperately attempting to reach out to his perceived Chicago Hispanic base. Comically, he is now receiving the same responses even to his Spanish tweets.


For posterity, and/or for the time when Jack Dorsey bans all faithful Catholics from Twitter, I preserved most of the 99 tweet replies here. See below for the raw data.

But keep checking Cupich's account. I have a feeling it's only going to get hotter for him.

Is the right to life conditional or unconditional? Read my thoughts on capital punishment here:
I'm not listening to a word you have to say until the Illinois Attorney General finishes her investigation. I hope she subpoenas every last rabbit hole there is to follow in Chicago. 
And don't forget his time at the Josephinum 1989-1996. 
Thank you @LisaMadigan for your commitment to a thorough investigation of the @archchicago. 
We don't need to know your thoughts on anything else, but when you will step down. At least Judas knew when he put his foot in his mouth and returned the 30 pieces of silver. 
Nail on the head! Stop Insulting our intelligence- IT IS OVER! 
"The Pope has a bigger agenda. He's got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We're not going to go down a rabbit hole on this." We’re definitely going down a rabbit hole on this. 
Exactly! I was does he think the victims feel hearing that the environment is more important? Bishops like this need to go! And it isn't soon enough! 
No one cares about your thoughts on the DP!!! You, Tobin, Farrell, and McElroy were elevated by McCarrick’s influence for the purpose of the “big agenda” which is trying to claim that SODOMY no longer a mortal sin. You can’t change the subject!!!
 So the abuse scandal truly doesn’t mean anything to you does it? The Catholic Church administration is criminal. They need to oust bishops like you. Sadly it’s probably most of them. 
Deflection, @CardinalBCupich ? Desperate to try anything to get people to ignore the damning testimony of the courageous Archbishop Viganò? The laity isn't having it. Resign. 
DEAL WITH The Insidious EVIL OF THE LAST 100 years! You have ZERO CREDIBILITY WITH GOD RIGHT NOW or with we the Faithful! Our Blessed Mother is Cleaning house and you can run but you can’t hide! Buttering my popcorn 
What about justice for those sexually abused at the hands of the clergy? When will they be important to the church and the @Pontifex? 
Nice try. 
I have a religious question: what is the floor of Hell paved with? 
Respectfully, you should be focused on addressing sexual harassment, sexual abuse and identifying those who enabled it in the Church. 
The environment is a greater concern than the rabbit hole that exists of Church hierarchy that has been molesting, and covering up the molestation of children... You should be forced out based on these comments ALONE. 
Show human decency and Resign! 
Resign please 
The scandal isn't going away. The "rabbit hole" indeed. 
Will the last person leaving the American Catholic Church Please turn out the lights? 
Ahhh yes big topic of the day 
Well, he’s ensuring he doesn’t get the death penalty once he’s finally convicted of whatever he’s been hiding. 
What are your thoughts concerning reliable accusations of the institutional coverup of sexual abuse? 
Nobody gives a sh** about your thoughts on capital punishment. Stop trying to change the subject. You are a danger to children, a stain on the Holy Catholic Church and a worm, "having the form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." Resign in disgrace! 
I’d rather hear your thoughts about why you think the pope has a “bigger agenda” to worry about instead of getting to the truth of all the abuse & coverups, & justice for victims. Or is that too much of a “rabbit hole” for you 
@CardinalBCupich I am HORRIFIED that you would say the pope has more important things to worry about than a corrupt hierarchy visiting sexual violence on children, adults, and particularly YOUNG MEN seeking the Priesthood. Are you KIDDING ME?? I am horrified. This can't stand. 
"Quite frankly, they also don’t like him because he’s a Latino." Apparently wanting to investigate someone because he allegedly covered for a sex abuser makes someone racist. Wow. Also, he's not even Latino. His family is from Northern Italy. 
If people criticize you is it also because they don’t like Latinos? 
Repent and resign. 
Since you guys have zero moral authority what you or the others say on these issues is worthless. 
I’m so close to leaving. You’re making it easier. 
Time for you to resign after your most recent comments!!! You are a social justice warrior (SJW) and you hold your political agenda above your flock. Outrageous!!! We need the full TRUTH from @Pontifex, @USCCB & all involved in the Viganò dossier. 
“Regarding Cupich, one cannot fail to note his ostentatious arrogance, & the insolence with which he denies the evidence that is now obvious to all: that 80% of the abuses found were committed against young adults by homosexuals who were in a relationship of authority..” -Viganò 
Saying there is a bigger agenda than the protection of children entrusted to the church is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life 
I can think of a more fitting term than "crazy." What he said is nothing short of diabolical. 
Yes. Agreed. Pure evil. 
#Resign, your corrupt leadership has gone on too long. 
Uh, what about priests raping/molesting kids and robbing them? 
 It's just a rabbit hole, Caiaphas. 
The rabbit hole is here, can't avoid it. I feel all the people who worked under your church that molested all those boys should be examples of why capital punishment is a necessity. 
Resign ! 
Both you and @Cardinal_Wuerl should publicly confess do penance and then resign. #RabbitHole 
Hey, your *eminence*, There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of NGO’s dedicated to protecting the environment and migrants; and I’m happy that the Church is dedicated to those issues... But your BIGGEST agenda is the salvation of souls You’ve convinced me you’ve forgotten that 
No more of your deflection! Resign! 
How did u even become a cardinal? The Pope is Italian not Latino (rolls eyes). U demonstrated what kind of person u are by attacking those who only want zero tolerance like the pope himself said. U played the race card on people who are the same race as the pope. #ZeroTolerance 
Permit me to tell you, Eminence, that given the other pressing issues that ought to concern you and your social media accounts at the present moment, that you have very odd priorities. 
What are your thoughts on how someone who was born to two people from Italy becomes “Latino”? That’s what I’m really curious about. 
Who gives a f**k about that in this time 
Capital punishment for all child-molesting clergy and co-conspirators! PS: my local priest at Old St. Mary's in Cincinnati (Fr. Jon Paul Bevak) met McCarrick in seminary and the seminarians were warned "do not let yourself be alone in a room with McCarrick." EVERYONE KNEW, liar 
Resign and apologize for your remarkably tone deaf and moronic statements to your local NBC affiliate ... shame 
@Pontifex has a bigger agenda than the victims of sexual abuse & removing predators from the clergy? Trees & illegal immigrants...seriously?! Your words alone give Viganò’s statement all the credibility in the world. God have mercy on you hypocrites! What a disgrace. 
I am down for protecting the sacred lives of those who were disturbingly abused by priests. May God have mercy on you. "More important things." How can you call yourself a Cardinal of the Church and talk of protecting lives with stuff like this. #resign 
The only thing we care about is seeing you resign. Along with Wuerl, Tobin, Ferrel, McElroy, and Bergoglio. Not immigrants, not climate change. The church is not an NGO. Pope's own words. You are a cancer plaguing our church. 
Who cares what you think you have no moral authority at this point 
You obviously feel like climate change is more important than your flock being attacked by its own shepherds! You are no shepherd! You should resign along with all your ilk! Leave the church to those that love their flock! 
O please. And please resign you despicable fraud.. 
I’m perfectly fine with the Death Penalty, as long as child rapists go to the front of the line. And yeah, as a survivor of pepophile priests and lay school staff who silenced and intimidated me into silence as a teen I do have a say! Screw the environment, screw the immigrants. 
CONDITIONAL. Now resign you fruit loop. 
Talk about abortion now you hypocrite 
The faithful are sick of your gaslighting sneering condescension for those who simply want their Church back. Resign. Let someone else who believes in the teaching of the Church take your place 
Is it right for priests to rape children and then have cardinals play the race card and say ‘move along’? You have to resign cardinal - your thinking has been systematically institutionalized in a manner that makes excuses for pedophiles 
How many boys have you molested? If I had to place a bet, I'd wager heavy on +5. You are, and will always be remembered as, a disgraceful pervert. 
What are you hiding, Judas? 
I would rather hear your *honest* thoughts on the allegations. 
YOU HAVE NO MORAL AUTHORITY LEFT. Hey clueless, nobody cares what you or Francis have to say. Resign. It’s not your church. It’s not your money, not your property, not your doctrine. And we aren’t going to be abused by you people anymore. 
What Church teaching will Francis change next to distract from the man's filthy crimes? 
Yeah, what about abortion? Oh that’s right, you don’t like it when priests protest in front of the EVIL Planned Parenthood. Instead, you are buddies with that EVIL McCarrick. You should RESIGN NOW and turn in your red cap too. You are a disgrace to the Church. 
Wait, i thought you were more concerned about climate change 
Why would you post this now? It speaks of desperation. 
It reeks of evil. 
You say people oppose the Pope because he is Latino???Really???So Latinos don’t care about child molestation? 
Nice one, suggesting people are disgusting with Francis because "he's latino", even though he's an italian who grew up in Argentina, you airhead in a robe. You're a cardinal because a serial homosexual molester and pedophile endorsed you. And now, we all know. Resign. 
"If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." Matthew 18:6 
Our Lord Jesus Christ recognized the right of the State to execute him! Please don't tell us that it was because "he was Latino" too. LOL. A "prince of the Church" using the race card. Hipócrita. 
Is the right to not be raped by a priest, and then called a liar by the hierarchy covering it up conditional or unconditional? Is it secondary to a "bigger agenda"? Read Luke 17:2 and Matthew 18:6. Then prepare your neck for that millstone. 
Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content 
You're pathetic. Resign. "Rabbit hole" my ass. If that's not clericalism, what is 
God made sodemy a sin for a reason. Who gives a damn about global warming? Are you stupid or crazy? 
I don't give a rat's @$$ about your "thoughts" you conniving POS. You have NO business, let alone any credibility, to be speaking on matters of morality. Do us all a favor and just GTFO. 
After listening to your interview.... you need to resign. You are disgusting.



  1. Keep up the pressure, fellow dirt-bags. That's what we are to these men, we're nothing. They get their pieces of silver from the US government in the form of Resettlement Funds, and they are now paid to bring in migrants. That's why they are so obsessed with it, that and getting more voters for the Democrat party of course. This spigot needs to be shut OFF, and maybe then they will care how we Catholics are feeling about things. I have never seen such hubris, such arrogance, such impervious men in my life, the royal court, deigning to make comment to the insignificant rabble who has the audacity to complain.
    We may accomplish nothing, but then again, we may accomplish something. No matter what it is, we do two wonderful things, we never let them rest easy, and we fight for God's Kingdom. Either way, win/win!

  2. Many Catholic minds are occupied by the enemy. The Media, which is decidedly pro-sodomy, labels these sex crimes pedophilia but 80 %, or more, of the sex crimes were committed against post-pubescent adolescent males.

    The problem is sodomy/homosexuality.

    Of course there were sexual crimes committed against pre-pubescent children but that is not the vast majority of the sex crimes.

    Stop aping the media. The media hates your living guts and wants you destroyed.

    The problem is sodomy. The problem is homosexual priests.

    O, and don't adopt the squishy categories of the psych world either as it is easy to get bogged down in the putative distinctions amongst the various perversions; Hebephilia,
    Pedophilia, Ephebophilia and there are sure to be new categories created by the psych world that also hates you.

    Stick with the categories we Catholics have always used - SODOMY/SODOMITES.

    Don't let your enemies occupy your minds

    1. Or as Ann Barnhardt would say: 'Filthy Faggots'. I would actually say, as offensive the term is, the description fits.

  3. Thanks Oakes for this comic relief. I literally lol several times reading down the list of 99 comments, especially at all the "resign."

    I just can't imagine how deep the pedo rot goes in Chicago. Likely would make PA look like child's play (pun intended). My wager is at least 1000 priests named. But I hope they also expose the satanic ritual aspects as well.

    Headline: "Illinois Grand Jury report identifies 1000 Chicago priests accused of child sex abuse, and a secret clerical society of ritualistic child molestors."

    1. What they need to do is to smoke out 'The Boys' Club' that Bernadin had a hand in. Very lethal group that has probably gone very deep underground by now, or 'gone dark' as they say. But, I think they could do it, if they have the desire to.

  4. Yeah, but you can't really sing it.

    "99 resigns on Cupich's wall, 99 resigns... If one of those resigns should happen to fall..."

    Nah, it just won't scan.

  5. Now the cardinal is saying the interview was improperly edited?