Monday, October 21, 2019

Meet Kyle J Baker SJ, the Stalinist Hippy Trying to Get Catholics Banned from Twitter

Yes, Kyle J Baker is a Jesuit. Or, perhaps I should say, of course he is.

I know what you're thinking, and you're right. He also has been called a Dudeist (seriously).

Today, he reported a number of Catholics - people positively tweeting about the recent accompaniment of five Pagan idols from a Catholic sanctuary into the river Tiber - to Twitter for "racism" and "sick hate mongering."

Apparently, this is not the first instance Baker spent some of his free-time reporting people to Twitter. At least once his efforts have paid off:

Oddly, and even sadly, even though he has 847 followers, he rarely gets more than a few hits of activity on most of his tweets. Today's tweet only had one "like" for a while (though now it has ten), though it steadily garnered what must be a record number (for him) of "replies" - almost 200 by last count - virtually all of which were hostile and mocking about his "reporting". Many said they would report him right back.

Who is Kyle J Baker?

He's an excitable politics junkie who likes retweeting the usual suspects.


He is often very disturbed.

He believes things are very bad and wants them to change NOW.

He mourns glaciers and is a vegetarian.

Two days after the the Nativity of Mary, he lobbied for a Feast of the Nativity for a lesbian poet.

He doesn't seem to like that there are no non-binary gender options when purchasing airplane tickets (maybe he reported the company).

He doesn't like Catholic youth.

He does like Aryan youth.

And so on.

In other words, this Jesuit is just like that school chum who you run into occasionally but try not to talk politics with. Or he's just like 75% of Democrat voters on social media or whatever.

Bless their little liberal hearts.

Except there's more to it than just that.

The hippy Jesuit with the dorky smile is a Stalinist.

If he doesn't like what you have to say, he will try to ban you from saying it. He will try to ban you.

If he could, he'd put you in a concentration camp.

That's simply my own opinion, of course.

There's also this opinion:

But if anything is certain, it's that Kyle J Baker SJ is not really a Dudeist.

In fact he's the anti-Dudeist. 

"Racist! Hate monger! Xenophobe! I will REPORT you!!!"

Careful, man. There's a beverage here.


  1. Yes, the modern Jesuit at work and play undermining Catholicism while supporting Communism. An anti-inspirational image to be sure. Let him continue on his wayward ways for all to see and reject.

  2. Buffoon, but we need to take fascism seriously.
    These people are dangerous, because anyone who would deny your right to speak or exist is dangerous.
    Eventually social media will likely be inhabited entirely by Stalinists, because the people who run media are sympathizers if not managers of the new global social order.