Monday, October 21, 2019

Vatican Spokesman on the Drowning of the Pachamama Idols: "These people don't believe in dialogue."

At this morning's Synod press conference in Rome, Paolo Ruffini, the Vatican's Prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, said that the men who removed the "Pachamama" idols from a sanctuary at Santa Maria in Traspontina and then threw them in the river Tiber "didn't believe in dialogue."

He also said the act was an "insult" to indigenous peoples.

If you are just now waking up, here's the background:

A few hours ago, just before dawn, Rome time, at least two men, entered the Santa Maria in Traspontina, removed the four or five "Pachamama" idols from one of the sanctuaries, walked to the river Tiber nearby, and after a few prayers, knocked them into the water.

One of them recorded the act for video. At least two videos have been so far uploaded to YouTube by a "Michael Del Bufalo", an account seemingly set up for this purpose.

Under the second video they posted an explanation for their actions:

This was done for only one reason: 
Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, his blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW! 
Because we love humanity, we can not accept that people of a certain region should not get baptised and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. 
It is our duty to follow the words of God like our holy Mother did. 
There is no second way of salvation.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!
Taylor Marshall quickly posted a longer explanatory video:

Yesterday, there was a minor storm on Twitter when it was discovered that all of Taylor Marshall's tweets had been deleted. "Where is Dr. Marshall?" people asked. Marshall and his friends weren't talking.

Someone quipped, "Pachamama got him."

Not quite.

The mainstream press is now reporting the story. From the Washington Post:
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ controversial meeting on the Amazon has taken a criminal twist after thieves stole indigenous fertility statues from a Vatican-area church and tossed them into the Tiber River. 
Video of the pre-dawn theft from the Santa Maria in Traspontina church was shared and celebrated on conservative social media Monday. The Vatican’s communications czar, Paolo Ruffini, termed it a “stunt” that violated the idea of dialogue.
It won't be long before they blame "Americans" and Donald Trump.

But even the Post is calling them "indigenous fertility statues."

The Synod did indeed take a criminal turn, but faithful Catholics know that this happened more than a week ago.

And the "dialogue" in the Church has been of the one-way Stalinist variety for seven years.

What next for the Synod? Only God knows.

But for now, in the words of Christina Niles,

Pachamama sleeps with the fishes,


  1. They're right, they don't believe in dialogue. They believe in God.

  2. You know what is really interesting? There is actually a South American ritual which involves throwing statues into the river. You know, for the "river gods". Found it here:

  3. Next, throw all the Sin-Nod fathers into the Tiber!

    1. The problem with that is that many of them would float and not sink.
      The real stinkfish is the guy who brought all this to pass.
      What can be done with him?

    2. Good idea, you know they used to put Heretics to death....sounds darn good to me.

  4. Oh, so dialogue does mean idolatry after all?

  5. The level of compromise in the world today is very alarming.This is syncretism at its highest level.


  6. On Oct. 21 is the commemoration the blessed Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena. She is the one of the two nuns mentioned on the last papal consistory by Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013(!) and I claim that she inspired these young brave Romans to throw these pagan puppets into the Tiber River. Here are the arguments:
    She founded the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine of Siena in Columbia, working persistently among the native Indians to convert them to Catholicism and integrate them into civilized society. The start date of this congregation is May 14, 1917 A.D., the day after the first apparition of the Holy Virgin in Fatima. With her performance in Rome (casting out pagan idols from the Temple of Our Lady in Traspontina) she followed in the footsteps of her patron Saint Catherine of Siena, always anxious for the good name of Rome as the capital of all Christendom.
    Blessed Laura died in her hometown of Medellin on October 21, 1949, i.e. 70 years ago.
    Unfortunately, in the same city the vauting „Medellin Conference” of CELAM (Latin American Episcopal Council) took place in 1968, which adopted the liberation theology and the "preferential option for the poor", which pushed the whole continent into the embrace of communism, depopulated churches and finally offered people a return to tribal paganism.
    Souls who blessed Laura and her missionaries won for Christ, the leftist bishops sacrifice the devil. Blessed Laura of Medellin says emphatic 'no' to paganism on the Amazon and on the Tiber.
    This Miss Laura has a truly catholic southern temperament!

    1. Yes. By all means. Remove the "Pachamama" idols from a sanctuary and set the pagan Virgin Mary statues (AKA idols).