Wednesday, November 6, 2019

British Blogger for Counter-Jihad Website Fahrenheit211 Arrested By "Hate Crime and Hate Speech" Police - Door Battered in, Computer and Other Items Confiscated

UPDATE: The Twitter account for Fahrenheit211 has been suspended. I have no idea when this occurred.

Who/what is Fahrenheit211?

It's a British blog/website that is anti-PC, pro-free-speech and anti-Jihad.

If I may say so, it's a bit like Mahound's Paradise, except that it's much more professionally presented and the author isn't a Catholic (he seems to be a quasi-secular Jew).

Two weeks ago, six police officers from London Mayor Sadiq Khan's "Hate Crime and Hate Speech" unit battered down the door of the blogger's home, confiscated computer equipment and phones, handcuffed him in front of his young son and took him away in a police van.

Since by his own account the blogger lives 150 miles from London, it's unclear to me how this particular police unit had the authority to do this. But I'm not an expert on British legal jurisdiction.

Some of the blogger's own account of these events will be presented at the bottom of this post (reprinted from Jihad Watch) but I wanted first to give a flavor of the site from its own About section. Apologies if the explanation for very name of the site has a PG rating:
Welcome to fahrenheit 211 – the temperature at which I believe piss boils...
I’m a centre right, reasonably free thinking person with interests in theology and politics expressed in an eclectic and often poorly spelt manner...
Not racist but has a profound distrust and dislike of political correctness and the use of speech codes in order shut down debates...
Concerned with the growth of Radical Islam.
Concerned about the infiltration of institutions by the leftists and their fellow travellers...
Definitely anti Labour, sometimes anti Tory and often anti Lib Dem...
Reluctant Monarchist (it’s better than the alternatives -President Clegg anyone?)
I’m a supporter of British Troops and believe that they are treated scandalously by all governments. I wouldn’t want the military to run the country though. Democracy although imperfect is better than that. To paraphrase Churchill it’s the least worst option.
I’m a supporter of liberal (in the classic sense of the word not the left-wing appropriation of the word) religious causes and although I admire those who have the personal strength to follow strict personal religious rules I know that it’s not for everyone and these extra rules shouldn’t be applied to everyone...
I’m a great supporter of the State of Israel and I admire it’s people and the way it manages itself. It is not perfect (what nation is). It is however the only working functional democracy in the Middle East and therefore needs to be supported...
Although I have spiritual beliefs of my own I am an equal opportunities attacker of all religions including my own...I don’t gratuitously take the piss out of people’s faith but on the other hand I don’t really care if your offended at reasonable criticism of the way that you follow your particular sky pixie, as far as I’m concerned taking the piss out of Islam is justified.
I ALWAYS however take the piss out of Lefties.
I don’t trust local govt and believe it needs radical reform including making it do LESS.
I don’t trust those who mindlessly promote expansionist religious ideas (Mostly this concerns Islam but Christians do it too but in different ways however a Christian is less likely these days...
I believe in low taxation and personal freedom and responsibility.
I don’t encourage violence but non violent self-defence in the first instance is to me morally acceptable. In challenging things like expansionist religions or dodgy politicos or whatever I would always advise that people take the peaceful legal road...
Why this Blog exists
Because: ’I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore’.
Moderation policy basically there isn’t one but I will delete stuff that is gratuitously libellous, is porn is spam, is rabid conspiracy theorist rubbish, or which has links to the David Icke or Alex Jones sites or posts that I take a random dislike to although I will try to explain why I dislike a particular post or comment...
Islamists, Hitler worshippers (sometimes coming in the same package with certain Islamists sadly) tin foil hatters and similar loons can expect their textual frothing rubbish to be either deleted or seriously ripped to shreds...
And so on.

In other words, with his riffs against Alex Jones, etc. he appears to be a sort of moderate "mad as hell" person.

That works for me, I'm adding him to my blog roll. If you have non-Catholic blogs on yours, I ask you to also consider it. It's the least you can do for a jailbird.

I half-like Alex Jones, but still.

Here is the Fahrenheit211 Homepage (Big Ad-Brother knows I smoke cigars):

And here is his account of the recent unpleasant events:
Before I begin this piece I would like to ask readers NOT to contact any of the individuals named in this article. This is because to do so could be construed as ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’ and that is in British law an offence. I respectfully request that you the reader do nothing that could be seen as ‘perverting justice’. As an aside, the information that I am sharing is not that much different from what Count Dankula shared when he was arrested for a bullshit ‘hate speech’ crime, so I do not believe that any of the information that I’m sharing is privileged in any way or that sharing it constitutes any offense.
And so the story begins…
On Tuesday the 22nd October, at approximately 07:15, whilst I was getting my four year old child ready for school, there was a rather aggressive knock at my front door. I opened the door and found a whole bunch of police officers who wanted me to come out and ‘talk to them’. Knowing what the modern day British police are like in too many cases, which is thuggish and dishonest, I shut the door in their faces. The police do not turn up mob handed merely to have ‘a chat’. Instead I picked up the handset for my entryphone, which is remotely recorded, and spoke to the officer’s via that method.
I politely requested that they state the reason why they were at my front door and they said ‘we just want to talk’ and ‘you must come outside to speak’. They refused my request that I would speak to them via the window and insisted that I come out. Whilst this was going on I was watching what was happening on CCTV, the footage of which is now secured off site. I could see at least six police officers swarming around my front garden and to my back garden to which they had gained access. There were I observed, four officers in the front and two in the back.
The officer who appeared to be leading this mob of officers, kept saying ‘we want you to come outside so we can talk to you’. Of course I refused. This is because I know from other cases of a similar nature where the police have said this that this is a ruse to gain entry to a property so that they can later say that the occupier ‘invited’ them in. The lead officer, whom I later found out was PC Choudhury of Sidcup who is attached to Sadiq Khan’s ‘hate crime and hate speech’ unit, became ever more threatening and aggressive in his tone and refused to state exactly why he and the rest of the officers were there. He and the other officers kept shouting through the door that if I did not open the door then they would break it down. Because I did not want my son exposed to what the police were obviously going to do I sent him upstairs with my wife.
After about five minutes or so of these officers banging on the front door and issuing threats to break it down and officers menacingly patrolling my back garden, an officer, who at this point I cannot positively identify, brought up what looked like a battering ram. The officers were shouting through the door ‘we are going to break the door down now’.
As the officers said they would, they smashed the lock on my front door causing approximately £100 worth of damage. At least three officers, one of whom was PC Choudhury, rushed into the house and into the kitchen at the back of the house. PC Choudhury then cautioned me, arrested me for ‘Malicious communication and racial and religious hatred’ and put me in handcuffs. They guided me out into the front garden where they searched me and then put me in the back of a police van and took me to the local police station. Whilst I was being searched in the front garden my son escaped from his Mum and ran downstairs to the front door and say his daddy being searched and taken away by police. If I recall correctly I turned to my son and said to him ‘don’t worry, it will be all right, daddy loves you’. He’s been asking me ‘are the policemen going to come back again?’ I will never forgive or forget the trauma that these officers put my child through.
Before I was put in the police van I noticed that a considerable amount of police resources had been put into this arrest and there were at least two police cars present along with the van. I found out later that PC Choudhury and his Met Police civilian assistant, had traveled up the night before, distance of 150 miles and had stayed, at the taxpayers expense, in one of my city’s poshest hotels at a roughly estimated cost including meals of at least £150 per night. It’s good to know that Sadiq Khan’s ‘hate crime and hate speech’ unit is spending Londoners’ money so sensibly isn’t it? Maybe the Met has run out of real crime? Do I need a sarcasm sign here, no I don’t think so.
The police then searched my property and took away all my IT equipment including phones in order to examine them to see if they were related to the ‘offence’ that I had been arrested for. They also took my wife’s computer which is more than little annoying as she needs this machine for her work.
When we got to the police station I was booked in under the catch all and increasingly misused ‘malicious communication and racial and religious hatred’ acts, searched again and put in a cell. The custody sergeant, who incidentally said that I was one of the most polite detainees he had had in a long time, furnished me with paper copies of my rights whilst detained and a requested copy of the Bible, which I used in the cell to meditate upon Psalm 35, a psalm that was appropriate for this situation. I was removed from the cell, photographed, fingerprinted and had DNA taken. I was put back in the cell to await questioning and the arrival of the duty solicitor.
Before questioning by PC Choudhury I consulted with the duty solicitor, who luckily turned out to be far better than many who perform this function, and I told him that I was not going to answer any questions that the police put to me, as is my right. I also gave the police a written statement that I was merely exercising my right to speak freely. I was offered food but I refused on the grounds that the food is unlikely to be Kosher but I was offered and accepted hot drinks as there’s not much you can do to instant coffee that would make this item not Kosher, or Treyf.
Eventually I was brought, along with my solicitor, to an interview room for questioning under caution. I gave the officer my pre-prepared statement about speaking freely and the interview commenced. Of course I answered nearly all questions with ‘no comment’ and refused also to identify the vast majority of the items that the police alleged that they had removed from my home. The police also claimed that they had in possession written correspondence that they believed was between me and others who have challenged both Islam and ‘hate speech’ laws and certain organizations.
Although I did not answer any questions, the questions themselves gave me an inkling into what the arrest was all about. From what I could gather both Mr Mughal, who is the founder of the Tell Mama organisation and London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan had complained about memes mocking them that the police allege they saw on the Fahrenheit211 website. They also asked me about an allegation made by Mr Mughal that I questioned the narrative surrounding the ‘punish a Muslim day’ case in which doubt was cast on the idea that this was the work of an organised group and rather, as it turned out, the work of a lone and deranged nutcase. The police asked me if I was an ‘Islamophobe’ to which I replied ‘no comment’. They also asked me to disclose my passcodes for the machines that they claimed they had seized to which I replied ‘no comment’
Incidentally, if you want further information about some of the criticisms that have been levelled against the Tell Mama organisation and those involved in it along with the sad state of freedom of speech in the UK, then I can highly recommend that you read Nick Monroe’s article ‘Escape from Big Mother” It is an article that makes for illuminating and indeed frightening reading, especially for those who live in nations that, unlike the UK, have a greater respect for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It should encourage those in places like the USA to hold on tight to their First Amendment, because without it the average citizen may suddenly find that there are a whole load of subjects that they may wish to discuss that are now ‘forbidden’.
I got the distinct impression that the police were trying to get me to make their job of prosecuting me for ‘hate speech’ easy by having me answer questions. This, knowing the parlous state of UK police forces, was not something that I was prepared to do. Basically, the Met are trying to prosecute me for memes and for criticism of those groups who are in receipt of vast amounts of public money, resources to which I and others do not consider them entitled to have.
After discovering that I was not going to answer any of the police’s questions, I was released at present without charge on unconditional bail pending investigation. I suspect that this case will go the way of many other similar cases of ‘malicious communication’ and ‘hate speech’ where the long drawn out process of investigation is the punishment or part of the punishment and also a way of intimidating those who engage in ‘wrongthink’.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the many people who have contacted me both privately and publicly to offer their support and those associates who have contacted various online ‘influencers’ in order to gain publicity not just for my case but also to support the cause of free speech in general. I have been truly heartened by those who have voiced their support and especially to those in the United States who are encouraging a letter writing campaign aimed at the British Embassy in Washington DC. I would also like to thank those (you know who you are) who have given me facilities to work ‘off site’ which is why I’m able to continue writing.
This case is likely to run and run, a bit like the West End play ‘The Mousetrap’, although hopefully not as long as that particular production. I have also been questioned by another government entity that has the misfortune to share initials with a security organisation that was operating in Germany between 1933 and 1945. This I believe is standard practise when a person who is arrested has children. But I have told this organisation the truth. That is that I am a centre rightist Jewish conservative who believes in equality between races, equality between men and women between different sexualities, along with civic nationalism, British values and who is not a member of any extreme party or political grouping. The last party that I was a member of was the Conservative Party who in no way could be called ‘extreme’ by any reasonable person.
This incident will not discourage me from standing up not just for the idea of freedom of speech, which includes freedom of speech for those with whom I vehemently disagree. I am also not discouraged in my view that ‘hate speech’ legislation has no place in a society that considers itself to be free as not only do ‘hate speech’ laws have a chilling effect on a citizen or subject’s speech, but also because they create a two tier system where one group is given virtually carte blanche to say what they want but others do not have this right. If I’m not fighting here, I will be fighting this fight elsewhere and I would encourage others to peacefully and politely protest against both the removal of free speech rights for Britons, but also the damaging and all too easily abused categories of ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’ legislation. In these matters we should be treated as equals no matter what our skin colour or belief system, something that the plethora of ‘hate crime’ legislation does not do. I’m going to fight this case as hard as I possibly can, as it’s not just my fight, but the same fight as everyone who wants freedom of speech and the repeal of the increasingly hated ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crime’ laws.


  1. A preview of our future in the USA. We need to develop counter strategies.

    Note from Wikipedia:
    "Samizdat was a form of dissident activity across the Eastern bloc in which individuals reproduced censored and underground publications by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader. This grassroots practice to evade official Soviet censorship was fraught with danger, as harsh punishments were meted out to people caught possessing or copying censored materials."

  2. How on earth can police from London arrest someone 150 miles outside of the city?

  3. If the citizens of London had elected an Aryan as mayor and he sent his police to arrest a Jew 150 miles away for speaking against Aryan Racists like himself, the entire press of the entire world would be having conniption fits and demanding his head on a platter.... why is it that Khan can get away with this sort of outrageous behavior?