Monday, November 4, 2019

"Hello, my name is Alexander Tschugguel and I am the guy who threw the Pachamama idols into the River Tiber"

UPDATE: Taylor Marshall has a long video interview with Mr. Tschugguel, here, and there is a shorter one from LifeSiteNews, here. KathNet has a short text interview, here.

A few hours ago, in a third video released on the YouTube channel of "Michael Del Bufalo," one of the until now anonymous "Pachamama dunkers" revealed his identity.

His name is Alexander Tschugguel and he is from Vienna, Austria.

Yes, this real-life Catholic action hero actually has an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

Mr. Tschugguel, 26, may not be a household name or social media star among international Catholics but he is a somewhat well-known Catholic activist in Austria who, among other things, organized the recent March fürs Leben (March for Life) in Vienna. He has a Facebook page and a Twitter account where he has now identified himself as the anti-Pachamama culprit.

In an interview with Taylor Marshall, Tschugguel revealed that he knows traditionalist Bp. Athanasius Schneider fairly well. He was married by him and had earlier traveled to Astana, Kazakhstan at his invitation.     

In the wake of the synod, he has apparently launched the St. Boniface Institute, linked to from "Michael Del Bufalo" and his Twitter account.

Here is its Mission and Description:
The St. Boniface Institute was founded to give Catholic laity the possibility to speak out. No to paganism in the Church! No to the globalist agenda in the Church! No to the ongoing destruction from within! From the heart of Europe, we want to fight for the restoration of our wonderful Catholic culture and traditions, for a church that follows our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 
The purpose of the association, whose activities are not profit-seeking, is to promote the Catholic tradition in Austria and throughout the European Union, to represent the interests of the Catholic laity in public discourse, and to assist in all matters relating to the activities of Catholic lay people to be. Especially by the holding of public events, the regular publication of writings, videos and sound recordings and the operation of a homepage, the association wants to draw attention to the interests of the Catholic laity. The association strives for good international networking with similar initiatives and associations in order to achieve its goals better.
The video is quite fun. Among other things we learn that when he and his YouTube confederate or confederates traveled to Santa Maria in Transpontina for their secret mission they had initially found it locked. At the precise moment they finished praying the Rosary it was opened.

Mr. Tschugguel explains that he wanted to initially remain anonymous so attention would be focused on the action and not on the identity of the "perpetrators." I think he was precisely right.

As many would now agree, the heroic action of Tschugguel and his friends, followed by Francis's unexpected and bizarre reaction to it - fishing the wooden carvings out of the Tiber with the help of the police, admitting they were representations of Pachamama and then enthroning Pachamama or an offering to her in the form of a ceremonial bowl on the altar of St. Peter's during the Synod's final Mass at St. Peter's formed the climactic and unambiguous final scene of what may go down in history as the beginning of the end of the Francis antipapacy.

Here is the video. A full transcript follows.

Hello, my name is Alexander Tschugguel and I am the guy who threw the Pachamama idles into the River Tiber.
Why did I do that?
You have to know I followed very closely what was happening in Rome surrounding the Amazon Synod, and I had the idea in my mind that I should get more information in Rome itself. So I traveled to Rome at the beginning of the Synod to attend a few conferences which were held to get closer information on all the different issues of the Amazon Synod
Around those conferences I visited the church Santa Maria in Transpontina, which is right between Castel Sant'Angelo and the Basilica of St. Peter. In this church there were two side chapels prepared for visitors of the Amazon Synod. So there were volunteers standing around, and within the chapels you saw different symbols of the Amazonian culture and the Amazonian area, and with this, you've those symbols [that] were statues of so-called Pachamamas.
The volunteers there explained us that these are signs of fertility and of Mother Earth and of integral ecology and everything, and when we talked a little bit longer with them they even explained us that the Synod is not about something religious it's more about politics. And I had lots of questions to them. I even talked to them about if the people in the Amazon get baptized from the missionaries, and they told me no, they normally not, because it's not part of their culture and so on.
So I was very upset. I went inside the church another time with a friend who is able to speak Portuguese to get even more information, and after all the visits and everything I heard, for me it was totally clear: this is against the First Commandment. It is something wrong. it is a Fertility goddess, Mother Earth, and the First Commandment - I am the Lord your God you shall not have other gods beside me, you shall not bow down to any graven image. And then I saw the video of them bowing down to this particularly graven image in the Vatican gardens.
I traveled back to Austria and really tried to think over and over over, is this, is this good, is this good. And then I came to the conclusion, together with friends of mine, we should do that, we should go to Rome, we should get the statues out of the church. They do not belong in a Catholic Church. They should be outside of the church.
So we traveled there. And in the early morning, two weeks ago, now, we stood up and went to the church Santa Maria in Transpontina. We heard it opens at 6:30 a.m. but apparently it was not opened. So we walked around a little bit, prayed a rosary as we sat down on the bench next to the church, prayed the rosary and when the last Hail Mary was spoken, the church doors were opened.
So we just went inside. I looked at both of the chapel's to see where the Pachamamas are now standing, then went inside the chapels and tried to get as many pagan things out of it as possible, so I was able to grab five Pachamama statues. Then we went outside of the church, went to the Castel Sant'Angelo, and next to the Castel Angelo there's bridge, the so-called Angels Bridge, and from the Angels Bridge we threw them one by one into the River Tiber.
It was a great success. We didn't really understood it in this second, but an hour later and two hours later and three hours later we really we really understood that this had a great impact on the Catholic world and on the Synod, because now everybody was seeing what happens in the Synod. They now try to inform themselves, what are these Pachamamas, what is it directly, what do they stand for, and they also - that that's not Catholic.
So we got tons of support and fantastic people prayed for us I think millions of rosaries by now, and I'm so glad and I'm so happy that this happened because you know without praying for each other nothing works.
And and so we decided we don't want to hide. I want to go out to public and tell them because I don't want them to think it was a coward action. We didn't go out earlier because we wanted the action itself being the main point at the discussion, so we wanted the people to talk about what happened and not who did it. But now, two weeks later, one week after the end of the Amazon Synod, we are ready, we want to face them, we want to show them there are some laymen, there are some laymen, we stand up and we don't longer accept things like that happening in the Catholic Church.
We were from Austria from Vienna and are now currently back in Vienna in our wonderful city and ready for for more action and for more work on it. So just subscribe to this channel on YouTube and then you will get another video within the next few hours and/or days where we will explain a little bit more about our thoughts we had about on the Synod. Till then, Godspeed, God bless you all and thank you for all your support.


  1. God bless you! Saw you on Taylor Marshall site in YouTube and my wife and I will pray for you and all that you have done in faithfulness to the Church!

  2. Also saw you on Dr. Taylor Marshall's YT. You absolutely brought me to tears with the courageous move of removing those horrific idols from that beautiful Catholic church. You saw what was wrong and made it right FOR ALL OF US. May God bless your brave heart, your friend and your family. We will find a way to help you out.

  3. Will pray the Rosary for you. God bless you for taking action against unquestionable idolatry. How sad that Amazonia is being confirmed in darkness instead of the light of Faith. Bay K.

  4. Awesome! Rise up young Church! no more sleeping Giants! Don`t allow the Antichrist Spirit to take over fight Alex! we are with you Man living in USA Lay Catholics fired up to take THE GOSPEL!! ORIGINALLY FROM India FROM Hindu BACKGROUNDS THE VERY WORD Pachamama is Green Earth! we are on Live TV Network! PLZ let me know where can I send the Video Links!

  5. Keep up Gods work Alexander The Great