Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bandit Pianist "Klavierkunst" Plays Imagine at Cox Memorial Service

It almost looks like he's wearing a hijab.

Yes, he also played Imagine outside of the Bataclan, a few days after the massacre there.

His schtick, for which he has earned swoons from the usual circles, is that he cycles to the scenes of demonstrations, wars and murders with a piano attached to his bike.

And then he plays various hits including that well-known Khmer Rouge theme song:
Imagine there's no heaven 
Imagine there's no countries 
And no religion too 
Imagine no possessions
He wanted to go to Orlando. No doubt Milo Yiannopoulos would have splintered his grand with a Pink Pistol.

Davide Martello, aka "Klavierkunst," is a twit.

He's an ambulance chaser without the socially useful upside.

Real men shoot back. They don't plonk on people's graves.


  1. I was wondering when this crappy song would show up.

  2. Can't tell you how many times I've been asked to play that at Novus Ordo funerals. I refused.

  3. Re Jo Cox: Her memory now being organised by two public relations/lobbying outfits in the UK - Portland & Freuds. Extensive manipulation by "Remain", plus self-aggrandisement of M.P.s honour. h/t Guido Fawkes Euro.

    Have checked Jo Cox's constituency web-site - no mention of sub-continent issues.

    Also, Cox more politically connected than first disclosed.

    1. I went to Guido Fawkes. Interesting site. What do you mean, "Cox was more politically connected than first disclosed"?

    2. The death of Cox was tragic and I have no idea how one could deal with her children. We were told immediate upon her demise that local girl, grammar school, Cambridge, NGO in the field. Which was unusual for MPs. Of late, the path is university, political adviser bag carrier for a politician and ultimately a candidacy and election.

      Check Wikipedia: grammar school; Pembroke College Cambridge; LSE; adviser to MP; EU for Glenys Kinnock; then NGOs at high level, not spadework level; Gordon Brown's wife's adviser; then other posts.

      In other words a typical greasy pole climber. Likewise her husband politics with Gordon Brown and NGO meal ticket.

      Therefore from the start her history was being embellished and burnished even further now.

    3. That makes sense. It's there if you look closely. But you're right that that's not how it's being portrayed.

    4. P.S. Try "Listening in the Desert" Blog.