Sunday, June 12, 2016

Facebook Responds to Orlando Terror Attack by Removing Pamela Geller's Popular Stop Islamization Of America Page

This apparently just happened and was duly reported by Geller on her blog. Obviously, there is no way to know now whether it is some sort of low-level or "automatic" thing that will be quickly reversed or the current company policy.

At Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer is now reporting that Reddit is now banning users who noted that the Orlando shooter was a Muslim.

UPDATE (3:45 CST): The SIOA Facebook page now appears to be back up.

UPDATE (7:20 CST): Facebook just "apologized" for taking down the SIOA Facebook page while at the same time banning Pamela Geller from Facebook for 30 days for posting "inappropriate" content.


  1. One day we will look on people like Geller, Spencer and David Wood as prophets that no one listened to.

  2. I doubt if many are being fooled by these efforts to suppress the truth. For sure Republicans will push the Islamic terror theme hard.