Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dodgy Dave Slammed for Exploiting Murder of Jo Cox

A few months ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron was given the nickname "Dodgy Dave" by Dennis Skinner, the famously cantankerous Labour MP.

It fits.

Two hours ago (Sunday morning in Great Britain) Cameron wrote a disgusting anti-Brexit piece on his Facebook page.

He started out by spending three paragraphs referencing the murder of Jo Cox--"Jo Cox’s murder was one of those events that stop you cold; that shock you down to the core"--and then he transitioned into a political pitch against Brexit.
It is not easy, in the wake of Jo’s murder, to turn to the question of Thursday’s referendum.
But of course for Cameron, it's totally easy. If it hadn't been easy, he wouldn't have mentioned "Jo's murder." But as it is, he used the savage ending of her life to attempt to save his own life--his political life, that is.

And so we get nine more paragraphs of blah blah in the furtherance of that effort. The most oily paragraph--where he accuses Brexit supporters of sliming the motives of their opponents and then slimes the motives of Brexit supporters--is here:
Finally, there is this question about the kind of country we want to be. I’m so proud of Britain – this open, tolerant, big-hearted country of ours. But I believe this referendum has now become a watershed moment for our country. And we are going to have to make a defining decision on Thursday: are we going to choose Nigel Farage’s vision– one which takes Britain backwards; divides rather than unites; and questions the motives of anyone who takes a different view. Or will we, instead, choose the tolerant, liberal Britain; a country that doesn’t blame its problems on other groups of people; one that doesn’t pine for the past, but looks to the future with hope, optimism and confidence?
He might have just as well accused Brexit voters of being in favor of shooting and stabbing innocent female members of Parliament.

Oh right. He already sort of did (see first three paragraphs).

Cameron was quickly slammed in the comments--with most accusing him of using Cox's murder for political gain. I assume someone must have agreed with him. But scrolling down after ordering the comments by number of likes, I still haven't found a single supportive comment. And I'm stopping now as my scrolling finger hurts. Here are the first eight comments, verbatim: 
Using a poor woman's murder for political advantage. I didn't think you could get any worse. I wish I'd never voted for you. Still, you'll be gone as soon as we leave the EU, and I can't wait to get a decent Tory leader again. Like: 684. 
Britain is the 5th largest economy in the world, with the 4th largest military budget. A founder member of the UN and NATO. We don't need to be part of a failing sclerotic bureaucratic political project to still be an important player on the world stage. In fact, our European friends might be looking to us to lead the way out of the mess they have got themselves into. Like: 351. 
David Cameron you are a tasteless honourless man. How dare you politicize her death and use it to try and win your poor argument for remaining. I will still be voting leave and then once I've done that I'm campaigning for you to be booted out of number 10 😡😡😡😡. Like: 258. 
It is very sad that Jo was killed on our streets and it is unforgivable for Cameron to use this young ladies death to push forward this ridiculous campaign to remain but the bottom line is that this madness happened while we are still in the EU so I'm struggling to see your point on this one Dave! Like: 215 
Starting to use this women's murder for political gains is just wrong. It was also reported at the time that another person was injured in this horrid attack. But we hear nothing about this person. Like: 122. 
Wow, how low can you go.. absolutely no reason to reference Jo's murder in this thread, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.. I have my suspicions that you lean towards a vote to leave as your PR has done them more good than you could ever imagine. Like: 87. 
So the other post was removed. But you are still linking Jo's death with the referendum. However you word it you are still using her death as political propaganda to scare people into voting in. Let people make up their own minds and don't stoop so low. Have some respect. Like: 79. 
Wow didnt think anyone would be low enough to use the murder of that poor, innocent woman for political gains. Then Davie came along... 😳 Quite ashamed that a working class Sunderland lad like me has voted for you twice now, not the Tories but you... Like: 62.

One might have thought that the political murder of Jo Cox would have helped the anti-Brexit vote. But apparently the result has been the opposite. I wonder whether that's because some people think that the anti-Brexit side has been cynically exploiting her murder.

On a lighter note, here's Dennis Skinner being ejected from Parliament for calling Cameron "Dodgy Dave":


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  2. My original comment was none too charitable.

    But I can say this: it is gratifying to see examples of the wisdom of the "common people", in the face of such stupefying leadership that wishes to trade our Christian based, Western patrimony for something much more sordid, dangerous and less.

  3. You have to understand that Cameron [and cohort Osborne] decided to emulate predecessors Blair and Brown, in that they plotted, in their case, to take-over the Conservative Party - they saw it as a jape. Having achieved their aim, they have no philosophical/moral basis for their governing of the UK. Cameron and cohorts are accused of rigging constituencies in the last general election and have used high legal representation to block police investigation. Yet Cameron seeks that he be trusted in the matter of the EU Referendum.