Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BREAKING: Up to 50 Dead in Istanbul Airport Terror Attack

A Turkish official just told the AP that there are "nearly 50" dead.  

The attack occurred at 10:25 PM Istanbul time (2:25 PM CST).

Ataturk Airport is the third busiest airport on the European continent.

It appears that there were at least three attackers. At least one opened fire after being confronted by security at the x-ray machines. A witness claims he saw a police officer wrestle one to the ground before all three set off suicide bombs.

See the Daily Mirror live stream here.

This video appears to record one of the gunmen pursuing fleeing civilians, and then being shot by police. He writhes on the ground. Someone (a policeman?) runs up to him and then appears to decide that he should get as far away as possible. The terrorist sets off his bomb and we see his Kalashnikov spin across the floor.

This security camera footage also appears to capture one of the explosions.

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