Saturday, January 24, 2015

That Obnoxious Cartoon: Fixed!

This is from Vox Populi, the blog of science-fiction author and critic (among other things) Vox Day. Now, given the awful event it references, it's tough to say one gets any joy out of the "fixed" version. But it states a clear moral truth in contrast with the way the original implicitly puts forth a false and sinister one.

Is this to equate shooting people with, say--referring to the actual event the original cartoon was written in response to, "the Brendan Eich affair"--putting pressure on them to resign from their jobs or on others to fire them?

No. But the two stem from the same impulse.

The totalitarian mindset is...diverse. And of course it expresses itself in different ways at different times. Plus the wimpy-men (as we called them yesterday) would prefer not to use violence if they can avoid it.

It's interesting however that the original cartoon didn't even refer to violence. It merely referred to "arrest by the government". So technically, the Charlie Hebdo journalists didn't have their free speech rights violated. Not at all. They just went a bit too far and, you know, got shown the door.

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