Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Mahound

Who is Mahound?

All will be explained.

But for now, here is a pulp novel, whose back-cover blurb follows: 

THE MAHOUND - Name of the Prophet, name of the Devil - and the only legacy of a penniless nobleman drawn into the lucrative, violent, lust-feeding, exotic life of the African slave trade.

Rory Mahound, Baron Sax - fighter, womanizer, slaver, adopted brother of a Sultan, victim of magic. He lived as most men would want to live, if they had enough of the Devil in them to dream of it. His gift for brawling and intrigue was outweighed only be his need for women, and amid the whips and knives and clashes of the body traffic he found a surfeit of them. Or thought he had, until he met the spirited English girl in a royal harem...

A pulsing story of a cruelly adventurous time that can never return.

The Mahound, by Lance Horner, was first published in 1969 and uses as its title a derogatory name for the Prophet ("name of the devil").

If it's sexy, does it get a pass?

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