Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Head of Annulment Commission: Francis is Channeling Christ - Don't Cross Him!

Deus volt! he explained

Rorate Caeli just translated an article that appeared in L'Ossevatore Romano on September 8. It was written by Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, the head of the Commission for the reform of the canonical process--in other words the point man for the recently announced annulment reforms.

What he writes is stunning. And chilling.

The three main points are these:

  • The annulment reforms are not merely procedural reforms to introduce more fairness and efficiency in the process, but a full-scale revolution in thought and practice towards the marriage validity question, designed to radically increase the number of annulments.
  • It is Christ, acting through Francis, who wills this. Disobedience is disobedience to the Holy Spirit.
  • Initial absence of "faith" (in the marriage bond?) is declared a valid reason for a judgment of nullity.

Here are the most important passages, as translated by Rorate (my emphases in red):
... But there exists an essential novelty that is defining Pope Francis’ actual mission. It is no longer time simply for analyses, it is time for action in order to begin that work of justice and mercy so long awaited - by re-ordering the pastoral practice and canon law, to a large extent in effect for almost three centuries. Francis had already announced this at that the beginning of his pontificate on July 28th 2013, at the conclusion of World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. 
So, with this fundamental law, Francis makes a real beginning to his reform: by putting the poor at the center, that is, the divorced and remarried, considered set apart and distant, and asking bishops for a true and proper metànoia. That is to say, a “conversion”, a change of mentality which convinces and sustains them in following the invitation of Christ, present in their brother, the Bishop of Rome, to pass from the restricted number of a few thousand annulments to that immeasurable [number] of unfortunates who might have a declaration of nullity -- because of evident absence of faith as a bridge to knowledge and thus to the free will [necessary] to give sacramental consent -- but are left on the outside by the current system.  
But how will the bishops or eparchs, most of all in large dioceses, be able to guarantee, at least in part and as a sign, their role as shepherds and judges? What is important is that the spirit of collegiality and communion among bishops under obedience to the Pontiff, begins to permeate the hearts and minds of the shepherds. The faithful are waiting with eagerness and love for such a metànoia and will nonetheless be patient in the Lord when faced with the good faith of their shepherds. The Jubilee Year of Mercy expects this sign of humble obedience (on the part of the Churches’ shepherds) to the Spirit who speaks to them through Francis. 
The reform holds in consideration the main reason for the request of the (declaration of) matrimonial nullity: this is requested for reasons of conscience, for example: to receive the Sacraments of the Church or to improve a new stable, happy bond (relationship), different from that of the first.
So, there it is.

Francis has reportedly said that as many as 50% of all marriages are invalid. Could that be that "immeasurable" number of which Pinto speaks? And while this may not be a change of doctrine, it is a revolutionary change willed by Christ and the Holy Spirit. And Francis speaks for Them. Or so it is asserted.

Has any Papal proposal on canon law ever been announced by claiming that the Pope is directly channeling Christ? (I should say I wouldn't doubt it, but I would be interested in seeing examples.)

I suppose we might also ask, where has Christ been for the last 300 years?

Or was He just waiting for Francis?


  1. Wait, what? How are divorced adulterers now "the poor" all of a sudden?

  2. Harvesting the Fruits of Vatican I, to coin a phrase! Not only is the pope infallible when teaching ex cathedra on faith and morals, not only has the office accumulated all the trappings of a creepy Dear Leader personality cult, but we are now expected to believe that the Petrine Office imparts a "Hotline to Heaven" charism to its occupant that enables him to receive direct instruction from the Holy Spirit about the immediate direction of the Church, even if it involves treading on the toes of divine revelation. So much for preserving and safeguarding the Deposit of Faith, hey?

    But to be fair, we should have seen it coming. With his repeated invocations of the "God of Surprises", Francis was clearly arrogating to himself an oracular power to see into the mind of God. The fact that almost no-one was alarmed by this hubris indicates how deep the rot goes in the Church.

  3. Well,as I understand Roman Catholic doctrine,not being one myself,Pimp Frankie is only infallible when he speaks "ex cathedra"...i.e. from that curved backed chair...the seat of Papal authority....gee,I wish I had one of those magic chairs

  4. So much for "ex opere operato", eh?

  5. It is the rich man who can afford to divorce and remarry (via annulments) wheres, traditionally, the poor have to stick it out with their spouse.

    This is neither mercy or about the "poor" but it is reminiscent of the political tactic used by Bill Clinton who cast every one of his proposals as being done for the children - who doesn't want to help the children or the poor?

  6. How's he channeling? Automatic writing? Ouija board? That would make sense.

    Seattle kim

  7. Catholicism sure is wacky...