Saturday, December 12, 2015

Heil Muhammad! Facebook Bans Islam Critics in Germany

Mark Zuckerberg standing in front of the shahada: "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet."

I know. Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. How tasteless! How dare I associate him with Nazis?

Because he's become a collaborator with the New Nazis, and thus, among other things, with the new anti-semitism.

The banned Islamophobes are Michael Mannheimer and Michael Sturzenberger, who have appeared on Gates of Vienna, among other sites.

From a Gates of Vienna translation of an article on the German website Politically Incorrect:
Facebook Bans Islam-Critics 
In the middle of September, Minister of Justice Heiko Maas summoned Richard Allan from Dublin, who is responsible at Facebook for political matters in Europe. Maas blatantly demanded censorship of alleged “hate”-filled content, but he was no doubt most interested in Islam-critical publications. Two and one-half months later, Facebook announced its implementation: the pages of Michael Mannheimer and Michael Stürzenberger, for example, were completely banned. although only demonstrable facts about Islam could be found there. 
...Michael Mannheimer reports on the Facebook ban:
These are the fruits of the Merkel regime. The “chief” met personally with Zuckerberg and her Minister of Justice Maas talked turkey with the responsible agent for Facebook in Germany. That was a few weeks ago. Mannheimer was the first one affected: Nothing more of his on Facebook. Then, ba-da-bing: Stürzenberger and Ester Seitz were banned on Facebook. I got the following cellphone message from Stürzenberger: “Another ‘success’ is that Facebook has now extinguished both my pages with 10,000 friends. Result of a meeting of Minister of Justice Mass with the responsible persons several weeks ago, which resulted in a censorship authority being established…” 
Read the rest here.

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