Saturday, December 5, 2015

I'll Give You My Christmas Punch, Abdul, When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands

They've really crossed the line this time

In a sane world, this would set off a new Crusade:

(Also, do Norwegians now get beer with their paychecks?)

'Alcohol-free Christmas' aids integration: expert 
An expert on Islam has suggested that Norwegians could improve integration by removing beer, wine and spirits from the Christmas party table. 
Lars Gule, a researcher on extremism and Islam, told broadcaster NRK that one way Norwegians could contribute to the integration of people from foreign coun
tries would be to pay more attention to the fact that many Muslims don’t drink alcohol.  
“Food habits and customs surrounding alcohol can create barriers. Many [Muslims] would never even set foot in a bar because it is a place that serves alcohol,” Gule said. 
As Norwegians enter Christmas party season, Gule suggested that workplaces that have foreign employees should consider making the events void of schnapps, wine and beer. 
“Maybe one should think about having an alcohol-free Christmas table or serving alcohol-free beer on payday. You could also go out and drink coffee or a soda or eat something instead of drinking all the time,” Gule said. 
He added that showing respect for non-drinkers was simply a smart thing to do and stressed that Norwegian drinking culture “is not the norm in many countries, and that doesn’t just include the Muslim countries”. 
“If those who don’t drink get invited to alcohol-free meetings, where they won’t feel pressured to go along with things that are contrary to their traditions or religious believes, it could mean that the next time around they would be more willing to participate in things that they might be initially very sceptical of,” Gule said. 
Per Sandberg, a spokesman for the anti-immigration Progress Party, made it clear that he had no interest in taking up Gule’s suggestion. 
“Gule can just invite everyone he’d like to an alcohol-free Christmas party. In the Progress party, we have no plans of carrying that out,” he told NRK.


  1. I got your PUNCH right here, Abdul.

  2. What a twisted way of thinking to abandon your own traditions around your holy feast (even if just a vestigal sense of the holiness) to kowtow to Islam. And, it is stunning in the way many want to infantilise Muslims--treating all of them like babies allowing their rage if they don't get what they want. The West is so sick.

  3. Just outlaw Christmas, Gule. That's what this all comes down to.

    If anybody's watched Lillyhammer, I imagine Gule as the jerk character who runs the work center for unemployed immigrants.

    Seattle kim

  4. All that is left is for this person to join Islam formally. It is pretty stunning to see people abandon their culture so quickly, but then again, liberal education has promoted this for decades. In public schools children are taught to despise their culture and to appreciate what is foreign to them. So in a strange way, this abandonment of culture makes sense, but to so easily give in to this is sheer self-destruction.
    Islam is a strong culture and European culture seems no match for it.