Saturday, December 5, 2015

"This is for Syria": Attacker Stabs Three at London Tube Station

As usual, the Daily Mail has one of the best reports, with numerous photographs and videos, many taken by witnesses. Read the full story here.

Though the incident sounds horrible, and one of the witnesses described seeing a "dead guy in a pool of blood," none of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

I find the event notable for a number of reasons:
  • The unidentified knifeman did yell two political slogans, "this is for Syria" and "all your blood will be spilled." But aside from that, he appears to be more of a lone crazy guy than a terrorist cell member executing an attack plan. Nevertheless, Scotland Yard quickly described it as a terrorism attack.
  • Though the British papers have recently been full of reports of Muslim violence--such as the horrific Rotherham rape scandal--this is the first "official" terrorist attack in London since the public murder of soldier Lee Rigby, over two years ago.
  • "This is for Syria" seems to be becoming a popular terrorist slogan.
  • "He's a terrorist, therefore he's not a Muslim," seems to be becoming an equally popular slogan, growing in use as Muslim terror attacks multiply (see below).
Here's the article sidebar:

A defiant East Londoner has been filmed condemning the knifeman who carried out a knife attack 'for Syria' at Leytonstone underground station, dismissing the killer as not being a true Muslim. 
'You ain't no Muslim bruv,' the witness can repeatedly be heard saying as he watched the attacker being pinned to the ground by police. 
The powerful statement has been widely quoted on social media with many people saying the man's actions represented only the work of a killer rather than someone showing their support for Syria. 
Police shout 'Taser Taser' at knifeman in Leytonstone. 
The man was filmed as he allegedly waved his knife circled, before being Tasered by police 
There was a confrontation, left, after the stabbing which left a large pool of blood, right, at Leytonstone Underground station in east London shortly after 7pm 
'You ain't no Muslim, bruv'. I will stand by THAT Muslim anytime,' wrote one social media user. 
Another supporter said:'#YouaintnoMuslin, London cannot be broken. Sums up our unity perfectly.'

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  1. Regarding the Daily Mail ... yeah, it's awfully tabloid-ish, but for years now I've used it to fill in the gaps left by our MSM. Last week, I sent links to several of my co-workers as we were waiting to hear more about the attacks in San Bernardino (one co-worker had family there, one in the building where the attacks took place, and one elsewhere in the complex). We found accurate information through the Mail and the twitter feed for a local talk radio host with military background and local police connections.