Monday, February 1, 2016

Cruz Takes Iowa in an Upset!

Fox News just called it with 99% of the precincts reporting. 

So Ted Cruz wins the Republican poll, with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio running second and third. There's a small possibility that Rubio may in fact come in second. They may all end up with the same number of delegates.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton will probably eek out a narrow win over Bernie Sanders. But Sanders will end up with the same number of delegates (or perhaps even one more) as Clinton.

At 9:27 PM CST


99% reporting:

Ted Cruz: 28%, 43,550 votes
Donald Trump: 24%, 38,358 votes
Marco Rubio: 23%, 36,065 votes
Ben Carson: 9%, 14,609 votes
Rand Paul: 5%, 7,103 votes
Jeb Bush: 3%, 4,409 votes
John Kasich: 2%, 2,970 votes
Carly Fiorina: 2%, 2,867 votes
Mike Huckabee: 2%, 2,758 votes
Chris Christie: 2%, 2,731 votes
Rick Santorum: 1%, 1,542 votes
Jim Gilmore: 0%, 11 votes (God bless them!)


83% reporting:

Hillary Clinton: 50%, 579 votes
Bernie Sanders: 49%, 568 votes
Martin O'Malley: 1%, 7 votes (God bless them every one!)


  1. This is a great year to watch the teams of the National Political League. Playoff began in Iowa with a three way tie for the Reps and two way for the Dems. Politics doesn't get better than this! The two superstars are Trump and Sanders. Maybe they should join up for the new American Revolution.

  2. For someone who sat out the Iowa debate, Trump didn't do too badly. For even more perspective, it's practically mandatory that the GOP primary winner lose one or both of Iowa or New Hampshire. Even Bill Clinton lost Iowa.