Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Perfect Metaphor for this Pontificate

Our throwaway culture

Tragically, it's perhaps also a metaphor for the modern Church.

The World Meeting on Families, held a few months ago in Philadelphia, is unloading its tchotchkes.

Click through and this blog will receive .00001% of your purchase. The rest will go to some guy in Nanjing.

That was a joke.

A real bargain
Everything free in America
We hope you already bought one
So He made a whip from cords and drove them out of the temple...
For the entire family
It might later be worth something
A perfect addition to every home bar
Coffee not included
Act now. Quantities are limited.
Sharp dressed man
Valentine's Day is coming
Quiet witness at the office
But what if it's broken?


  1. Filling the dustbin of history. As will this entire papacy.

  2. Especially odious is that scarf with the Vatican II shlock art. So ugly. Might be good as a litter box liner.

  3. These cheesy baubles demonstrate tragically the wretched state of our Church.

  4. What numbskulls commissioned this CRAP??? Truly the idiots are in charge.

  5. Emerging ersatz emanations for sure.

  6. They've got almost as much stuff as the Bear has in his store. Would it be sacrilegious to order a few plush pope stuffies for my dogs to play with? That's a lot cheaper than dog toys at Pet Smart.

    1. Why not? What else are you supposed to do with the damn thing, place it in the center of your home shrine?