Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Pope Video: "Because We Need a Change that Unites Us All"

Here's the text of the latest Pope Video (by the way, I'm not being snarky by calling it that--the official website for these is called "ThePopeVideo"). The actual video is at he end of the post:
Believers and unbelievers agree that the earth is our common heritage, the fruits of which should benefit everyone. 
However, what is happening in the world we live in? 
The relationship between poverty and the fragility of the planet requires another way of managing the economy and measuring progress, conceiving a new way of living. 
Because we need a change that unites us all. 
Free from the slavery of consumerism. 
This month I make a special request: 
That we may take good care of creation–a gift freely given–cultivating and protecting it for future generations. 
Caring for our common home.
Let's put the most charitable and positive spin on this:

There are no heresies in this video.

There is bad science and economics (but we promised we would be charitable so we'll say no more).

Some of the people associated with The Pope Video project, such as Juan Della Torre and Cristina Miguens, seem to be sincere (if somewhat worldly) Catholics.

It's well-made and in places pretty.

It's short.

Okay, that's the charitable spin. Now let's make the most obvious criticism:

Aside from two ten-second sightings of a guy in a white cassock and the religiously loaded word "creation," there is absolutely nothing here that is Catholic, Christian or even particularly theistic.

Pope Francis is making an appeal for "change." Indeed, more than that, he wants "a change that unites us all." And, apparently, we need it.

Obviously he thinks this is possible. In other words, he believes there are people out there who will change their attitudes or behavior (in regards to the environment or politics or social responsibility or whatever) because of this effort. Indeed, not only does he think this is possible, his use of the word "unite" makes it appear that he thinks it's possible that everyone (or almost everyone) can change in this way.

But if people can change in this way, can't they also change in another way?

You know, they can change their. . . (I'm going to keep this down because we're in polite company here and I don't want to embarrass anyone). Well, you know, their. . . (I want to apologize in advance if this offends anyone). Okay, I'll just say it: can't people just, you know, can't people also change their. . .religion?

I did.

(And I don't change that easily.)

So did my wife. So did many of the (now) Catholics that I know. Many many more Catholics that I know (perhaps close to the majority) "changed" by coming back to the Church that they had once fallen away from.

It happens.

So, here's my recommendation for the March video. Who knows, I might even tweet it to Juan Della Torre.

Cue pictures of Jesus preaching, Jesus at the Last Supper, His crucifixion, Mary and the others at the foot of the cross; pictures of saints, nuns and priests; clips of beautiful churches, shrines, altars and religious art. There can even be mountains and trees.

The Pope then says:
Fellow human beings (or believers and unbelievers, or citizens of the world or whatever), I want to invite you to make a change, a change that will not only do you infinite good but has the potential to unite many of us here on earth. 
If you are a Catholic, I want to invite you to refresh and renew your faith. 
If you are not a Catholic, I want to invite you to become one. Jesus Christ was the greatest man who ever lived. He was also God. Honor Him by joining the church that He founded. 
Come home, children.
At this point, if he wants to soften it a bit and add a touch of humor, he can say,
Hey, what do you expect? I'm the Pope. It's my job to ask.


  1. He has replaced the Dalai Lama as generic spiritual leader of the world. This is probably the future of the papacy.

    1. Well, I think he wants to replace him. (You're recent piece was spot on.) If it's the future of the papacy, then Steve Skojec's terrifying quasi-prediction that the Pope is "paving the way for the Anti-Christ" becomes possible.

    2. Sorry. I noticed you just made the same point in your most recent post.

    3. See who is deceiving himself! if asking the Saints and Mary to intercede for us Sinners is now dubbed worshiping Them then i pity Protestants and their hypocrisy and you the Protestants are digging your own graves and are guilty of breaking the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" Because there is know where in Catholic theology/Doctrine that says catholic faithfuls should worship the Saints and Mary. And i can tell you for a fact that catholic faithfuls know better the role the Saints, Prophets, and MAry play in Gods Salvation Plan

    4. What an eloquent way of putting it! I hope you're right. But I sure hope future popes don't rush so enthusiastically into political causes. I think time will demonstrate that Pope Francis's views on economics and the environment were misguided and counterproductive.

    5. I should clarify that my comment above was a response to that of St. Corbinian's Bear at 6:47am. It is the ursine eloquence I was endorsing!

  2. That change is accepting Jesus Christ and His holy Catholic Church.

  3. "Because We Need a Change that Unites Us All" Obama could not have said it better. Pope Francis should have said "We need God who unites us all because he created us and lives in us and loves us."

    Instead we have a man who is more interest in promoting passing political curiosities instead of proclaiming Jesus Christ and his Cross.

  4. Why do protestants constantly spend precious time and energy demonizing the universal (Catholic) Church? They constantly see and associate all evil Prophesies with the Catholic Church. Is that What Christ Thought us? A good Christian from what i read about our savior Jesus Christ and from the prophets of old and Apostles is the one who when he reads the bible relates it personally to himself as we all are sinful and our ways are not right before God. But the So called self acclaimed righteous(Protestants) see themselves just before God but condemns Catholics as idol worshipers. Guys carry on with that is good for you. Gods Salvation Plan is for you guys alone, have it.


  6. Did you notice the pectoral cross was completely hidden during the entire video? Same with the January video. He indeed is seeking to form a new religion -- Christianity without the cross. He is MOST LIKELY the false prophet who is preparing the way for the Antichrist.

    1. The Pectoral Cross does not show a Cross. Google will show what it is. And they had to hide even the fake image! God Help us!