Saturday, April 2, 2016

Once There Was a Scary Castle and a Dragon, All on a Cold Spring Day...

Pay no attention to the little girl behind the curtain

A bit of shadow puppetry in the Octave of Easter. That's Lydia, the auteur of the show.

Oliver was collaborating in the production but he broke off halfway, joining the audience on the couch because he couldn't stand not being able to see the story.

For the last four nights our bedtime reading has been the 1977 Monster Manual, at my son Oliver's express request.  And of course dragons are a favorite, though the slimes, molds and jellies produce a sort of frisson--"Turn the page! Turn the page!"

Guard the innocent! Avenge the wronged! May you find heaps of gold at the end of your path, or at the least a memorable and heroic demise! But above all, God grant that you find wonder everywhere!


  1. Wow, is that the view from your living room? What metropolis might that be?

    Cute little puppeteer you've got there.

  2. Chicago. That's River City, out the window. It looks so futuristic/dystopian that they filmed one of those young adult near-future movies in the field next door.

    Thanks! Lydia is a great daughter. This morning, I put on on a very frumpy old sweatshirt to walk to an 8k race in 32 degree weather and she said "Dad, you look so handsome and beautiful!"

  3. Haha! I was told yesterday, "Poe Dameron is handsome Daddy, but he's not as handsome as you." The shadow puppet theatre is very cool.