Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pope Reneged on Promise to Rescue Christian Brother and Sister, Took Muslim Family Instead

Roula and Malek Abo

It's difficult to know what to make of this exactly. Maybe some Catholics are overly obsessed with rules. From today's Daily Mail:
A Christian brother and sister from Syria say they have been 'let down' by the Pope after he left them behind in a Lesbos refugee camp despite promises they would be given a new life in Italy. 
Roula and Malek Abo say they were two of the lucky 'chosen 12' refugees selected by the Vatican to be taken from the desperate camp and housed in Rome. 
But what seemed like the chance of a lifetime was cruelly snatched away when they were told the following day they couldn't go. Instead three Muslim families were taken. 
Roula, 22, and her brother arrived on Lesbos on April 1 – ten days after the controversial EU deal to return all asylum seekers arriving to Greece from Turkey. 
Their application for asylum is being process and they are waiting to learn if they will be sent back to Turkey. 
Stuck on Lesbos, Roula told MailOnline: 'If they can do this for 12 people they can do it for more. 
'If you have promised to take people back to Italy will something like registration papers stand in your way?'
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  1. Maybe Roula and Malek demonstrate "holy card faces", so abhorrent to our Pope. They are certainly wholesomely attractive young people. God keep them!

  2. Leave into the Daily Mail! I get more & better coverage of actual news from them than most outlets stateside. On this point, however, I must give credit to NYPost 4/22/16.
    It is so outrageous how the Christians in the ME have been forgotten and ignored. Does anyone recall the endless collections and fund drives for the Haiti earthquake '10? Everytime I turned around there was a hat being passed. Worthy cause of course. But what is numbing the mind and will of the world watching this outrage in the ME? The Muslims are cashing in on the sympathy and help and welcoming parades....while the Christians trying to hold their ground are left to defend themselves alone.

  3. So Francis plucks two eyes out of the Body of Christ and tosses them back into Turkey, while carrying some of the historic attackers of the Body home with him.


  4. P.S. There is an event next week at the UN in NYC on religious freedom and persecution- WeAreN16. N=Nazarenes.
    The family of Asia Bibi will be there to speak. Check it out.