Monday, April 23, 2018

Alfie Evans Removed From Ventilator But Continues to Breathe, as Alder Hey Races Against Clock to Kill Him

Alfie Evans, a few minutes ago

A few hours ago it appeared that Alfie Evans had been granted a reprieve, as the Italian Government granted him citizenship.

Italian lawyers had sprung into action and the Italian diplomats in the UK had become involved.

And Pope Francis had finally issued an explicit request that the family's wishes to move their son to a hospital in Italy be respected.

But at 9:00 PM London Time (3:00 PM CST), acting on updated permission from the courts, the doctors removed Alfie Evans' ventilator.

He is still breathing.

His father stated that Alfie is "needing oxygen, but the hospital won't give him any." One source stated that the hospital reluctantly just gave him some but he is nevertheless fading.

EDIT (8:40 CST): How much oxygen Alfie Evans received, if any, is now uncertain. Tom and Kate Evans have apparently not confirmed it.

Along with Alfie, the hospital room contains four family members and an unknown number of Alder Hey staff. There are also thirty police officers just outside the room.

This morning, Alfie Evans arguably appeared alert and responsive as his eyes tracked the  camera. It is thought that this may have been a result of his sedatives being halted.

The Italian ambassador is now apparently on his way to the hospital.      


  1. Dear Jesus, have mercy. My God, look what we've come to.
    The government of Great Britain, you have ceased to be a great nation, because you are no longer good. You have pushed away the warm hand of God and not only that, you have made yourselves god. Things will not go well for you.

  2. Won’t give him oxygen?? Murderous thugs!! And 30 stoneless policmen guarding the door to make sure he dies! God have mercy!