Tuesday, April 24, 2018

BREAKING: In "Final Chapter" of Case, Judge Bars Alfie Evans From Leaving UK

According to Josh Halliday, a reporter for the The Guardian who is attending today's court hearing on fate of Alfie Evans, the judge has definitively barred Alfie from being flown to Italy for treatment. One other option being considered was that the parents of Alfie would be allowed to take him home. However medical personnel at Alder Hey have appeared to be fighting this, claiming, among other things, that it would take "3-5 days" to move him.

Judge Anthony Paul Hayden called his ruling the “final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy.”

Alfie Evans had been breathing steadily since being removed from his ventilator yesterday afternoon.

Also significant in today's hearing's was the attendance of the Chief of Staff to the Italian Ambassador to the UK, on the same day that Italy officially confirmed it had granted Alfie Evans citizenship. According to the Evans lawyer, the case had reached "the highest levels of the Italian government," and multiple news sources reported that an Italian military air ambulance was standing by near Alder Hey to fly Alfie Evans to Rome.

Halliday has been tweeting updates on the case for much of the morning. And these have been appearing on the sites of LifeSiteNews and the Liverpool Echo.

In a bizarre twist, the Echo is also covering a soccer match tonight between Liverpool and Rome. Supporters of Alfie Evans and his family at #ChantforAlfie have been urging fans to chant his name at the 23 minute mark.

UPDATE (2:40 CST): Tom Evans appears to have written this at roughly the time that the appeal to the court was denied:


  1. If every British citizen got involved, they would have to see it your way.

  2. Shockingly food is being withheld from this little boy!

    Ann Barnhardt points out that the judge that is barring him from leaving is a diabolical narcissist lacking human empathy—he’s out and proud.

  3. Italian soldiers should land, via helicopter, on the roof of the hospital and take Alfie, now an Italian citizen, and his parents to safety. Damn the consequences. Britain is a hellhole.

  4. Indeed there's a little more 'background' information on the 'Judge' in this horrid case. Ann Barnhardt has the story. These people are HORRIDLY EVIL. As Ann has indicated, they are diabolical narcissists. When Alfie dies, and he will, they all need to be prosecuted for MURDER.

  5. And.....there's more, besides the fact that this 'Judge Hayden' is GAY and a huge GAY ACTIVIST. The hospital is embroiled in a 'scandal' of 'harvesting babies' and children's bodies for RESEARCH. Humongous amounts of money in harvesting as you know. Perfect place for such an 'activity'.....a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. Go to www.restore-dc-catholicism.com for details and a link to sign a petition to respectfully release the baby to his parents for alternative medical care. The hospital I do strongly believe needs to be investigated with a fine tooth comb......CRIMINALLY investigated. Makes perfect sense to me because it's part and parcel of the far left atheist agenda.....MONEY.